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AWS Cloud Transformation

Tech Mahindra is AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) and holds certified competencies in MSSP consulting, migration consulting, cloud operations services, networking consulting, telecom services, automotive services, data and analytics consulting, and devOps consulting competency.More

Tech Mahindra is AWS Premier Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) and holds certified competencies in MSSP consulting, migration consulting, cloud operations services, networking consulting, telecom services, automotive services, data and analytics consulting, and devOps consulting competency. We are one of 13 Select global systems integrator partners for AWS, and we have built reusable assets and frameworks that help accelerate our customers' cloud transformation journey.
With over 4000+ AWS professionals worldwide, a dedicated AWS Center of Excellence, and Innovation labs in the UK and USA, we help our customers become agile and lean and build reliable platforms and applications on the AWS cloud.


Service Offering

AWS Service Specialties

Tech Mahindra provides services for end-to-end IT lifecycle management, helping customers control and secure their environments, reduce costs, simplify compliance, and enhance operational efficiency. AWS recognizes Tech Mahindra as a management and governance lens (M&G Lens) partner helping customers with their AWS cloud journey.

Scalable Secure Cloud Foundation through AWS Control Tower

Tech Mahindra helps customers establish a scalable, secure cloud foundation with AWS Control Tower, including multi-account, multi-regional capability. This includes building strong security governance through guard rails, policies, and other such capabilities. In addition to this, Tech Mahindra offers services to customers for transitioning from existing AWS landing zones (ALZ) to control tower based landing zones.

MAC Enabled AWS Cloud Migration

Tech Mahindra helps clients migrate their applications to the AWS Cloud through our migration accelerators to cloud (MAC) toolkit. Our migration Services, based on the MAC framework, enable faster and more cost-effective application migration to AWS.

iCOPS Enabled AWS Cloud Operations

The iCOPS solution framework for AWS enables Tech Mahindra to provide its customers with well-governed and highly available services on the AWS Cloud. The iCOPS solution bridges various integrated services, including TechOps, DevOps, FinOps, and SecOps. AWS Native services, in combination with the robust iCOPS solution offering, help customers unlock the true potential of the cloud.

Application Modernisation on AWS

Tech Mahindra’s Application Modernization offering helps customers modernize legacy applications leveraging cloud-native capabilities to ensure a faster time to market.

Data Platform Modernization with Amazon Redshift

End-to-end on-premises enterprise data warehouse to AWS Redshift migration that includes historical data migration, code migration, data pipeline modernization, and BI/reporting consolidation using Tech Mahindra accelerators.

Modernizing Customer Experience using Amazon Connect

Tech Mahindra customer services capabilities using AWS services to modernize the customer journey while moving to the cloud.

SAP Cloud Modernization with AWS

Tech Mahindra has been enabling an end-to-end digital transformation of SAP environments for its customers by unlocking the benefits of AWS. To achieve the necessary results, TechM uses its proven tools and accelerators, such as mPAC, iCOPS, and SAP Certified Epsilon, as well as the AWS migration toolset (AWS Launch Wizard for SAP and AWS Quick Start for SAP S/4HANA). for AWS EKS-Anywhere

Tech Mahindra’s enables a fully managed hybrid telco cloud experience on AWS and simplifies all operations, which are typically the most significant sources of expenditures for dedicated on-premise networks, by running such operations on EKS-Anywhere that provides CICDCT pipelines for the entire lifecycle of the solution, fully automated installation, and maintenance.

Power Your Workloads on AWS with Tech Mahindra’s Networking Expertise

Manage workloads on AWS with Tech Mahindra’s networking expertise to empower service providers with telco networks, accelerate digital transformation, and enable rapid deployment of 5G networks.

Industry Solutions

Aerospace Solution on AWS

Aircraft Health Management System offered as a Service hosted on AWS.

Automotive Solution on AWS

DigiSense connected vehicle solution deployed for cars and tractors.

Asset Management as a Service

IBM Maximo hosted on AWS.

BFSI Solution on AWS

Superannuation software solution hosted on AWS.

Supply chain Management Solution on AWS

Built using Tech Mahindra’s proprietary business intelligence solution framework, iDecisions.

Healthcare Solution on AWS

Lifephone Plus: All-in-one health monitoring device handled by aircraft health management system offered as a service hosted on AWS.

Modernizing Telco Cloud with AWS

Telco cloud offerings suite from advisory to industry solutions.

Reimagine Industrial Manufacturing with AWS

Accelerating industrial manufacturing transformation with a comprehensive set of purpose-built solutions for product, production, performance, supply chain, aftermarket, and customer experience.

Automotive Transformation with AWS

Tech Mahindra and AWS are accelerating the automotive industry’s digital transformation through the most comprehensive set of purpose-built solutions across product, production, performance, and experience value-chain in the automotive industry.

Leading the Way


Case Study

Operation Transformation Redefined with AWS for a Leading Financial Services Provider

Using AWS, building a payment plan model application for senior citizens.


Case Study

Seamless SAP Application

Transforming the digital landscape for a leading UK-based confectionery manufacturer using AWS.


Case Study

Build a Secure, Scalable, Multi-Customer Isolated Environment on AWS

AWS powering automation and zero down time for the largest healthcare technology company.


Case Study

African Service Provider Case Study

Cloud microservices powering transformation for the largest telecom and network services provider in Africa.


Case Study

Optimization of Assembly Line Operations using Video Analytics

AI-powered video analytics to help manufacturers observe, analyze, and improve their assembly line operations.


Case Study

Fleet Management Solution

Real-time data monitoring using fleet management for an American truck manufacturer.


Case Study

Migrating Monolithic Application for ePDI to a Microservices-based Solution

Modernization of ePDI for vehicles application for Japanese Automotive OEM.


Case Study

TechM COVID Response Network powered by AWS Connect

Improved connected experience across the customer lifecycle with an interplay of digital strategies.


Case Study

Simplifying Inventory Management for a leading Telecom Player in Mexico

Enabling unified customer experience with integrated commerce, catalogue, and Retail Management.


Case Study

Achieving Leadership in Pureplay OTT Content Aggregation Space With a Modern BSS Solution

A BlueMarble BSS solution case study.


Case Study

Transforming a Leading US-Based Television Service Provider

5GC, IMS, and selected RAN network functions deployment on AWS Public Cloud.


Case Study

Achieving Operation Excellence with AWS


Case Study

Transforming Data and Analytics Applications with AWS

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