IBM Partnership
Strategic Partners in the Cloud and Cognitive Era

IBM Partnership Overview

Tech Mahindra is IBM’s Platinum Business Partner, and this global partnership spans over two decades. We have dedicated centers of excellence across IBM products and co-invested labs. Our strategic initiatives on IBM Cloud, Watson IoT, Security and Blockchain has enabled us to deliver more innovation and value to customers. Our deep expertise in IBM technologies have made us preferred partners for many global organizations that employ IBM technology and solutions and have bagged us multiple awards. The synergy has resulted in several unique solutions and cutting-edge accelerators that have empowered our customers to comprehend quicker, act smarter and grow faster by unlocking data to actionable insights.

Power AI lab in Bangalore
Joint SAP HANA lab in Dallas and Bangalore
Power systems business partner and reseller in 26 countries
Over 3500 Tech Mahindra associates skilled on IBM technologies
Synergy launch IBM-Tech Mahindra innovation centre in Bangalore
Partner of choice for IBM Security and Watson IoT including Maximo


Warranty 360

Warranty-360 is an accelerator from Tech Mahindra available as a cartridge in IBM Cloud Pak for Data to meet 360° warranty analytics for different business domains. It aims to bring the customer to a common platform to get meaningful insights, by means of expandable analytics framework on top of existing IT platform.

  • Potential to halve the warranty costs
  • Aggregate and analyze data from manufacturers, suppliers
  • It uses proven statistical algorithms to deliver consistent high-quality insights which in turn reduces warranty cost
  • Close loop process to improve product quality, self-funding transformation initiative, improve supplier chargeback process, high level of automated claims processing

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mPAC 3.0:

Tech Mahindra's mPAC 3.0 solution, based on IBM's Multicloud management solution and its integration with other Tech Mahindra solutions, is designed to help accelerate an organization's cloud transformation journey and assist in all stages of enterprise recovery using the following features:

  • AI/ML solution (TACTiX)
  • Cost-optimization solution (iCOPs)
  • Automation and managed services framework (
  • Migration framework (MAC)

It is an integrated solution focused on hybrid cloud resource provisioning, monitoring, capacity planning, metering, security, and policy implementation.


Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Platform (DAAIP) is an end-to-end platform built on application framework of reusable components. It helps in analyzing the real time structured network data across all the network domains and provide significant network insights. H20 Driverless AI is the chosen application to create the ML algorithms which will be powered by IBM AC922 P9 HPC server.

Virtual Agent for Customer Service Management

A smart chatbot solution to provide a smarter, faster chat experience across multiple channels. It helps with personalized self-service providing customer support. It is a scalable yet platform independent application. This solution has several advantages, including increased self-service engagement, reduced live chat/phone assistance, and enhanced NPS. The solution is developed using IBM Watson Virtual Agent and Conversation APIs.


Blockchain-based Contracts and Rights Management System (bCRMS) built on IBM Blockchain Platform 2.0 is based on the Hyperledger Fabric protocol and helps production houses and content creators with several benefits that increase their revenues, manage rights and prevent content piracy.

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Service Offerings On IBM Public And Hybrid Cloud

  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Domain Specific
  • VMWare as a service
  • SAP and SAP HANA on cloud accelerators service (Power and Excite)
  • Identity and access management
  • IBM Maximo asset management
  • Asset performance management
  • Cloud Pak for Multicloud management (IT and Telecom Cloud)
  • Data virtualization, management, AI infused analytics, Regulatory and Compliance management (Cloud Pak for Data)
  • Legacy distributed cloud app integration, modernization (Cloud Pak for Integration)
  • Middleware modernization (Cloud Pak for Automation)
  • Cyber Sec SOC implementation (Cloud Pak for Security)
  • Cloud native apps development and migration (IBM WebSphere Hybrid Edition)
  • IoT and Edge device orchestrators with 5G based services (Cloud Pak for Edge)
  • Automated driver assistance system / Automotive implementation (Power Cloud + GPUs + Spectrum Scale)
  • Worker insights (Compliance based monitoring in epidemic scenario)
  • Maximo asset management on cloud
  • Asset performance management (AI infused virtual and Aural inspection)
  • IBM hyper ledger based digital rights management for media and entertainment
  • IBM hyper ledger-based spam reduction for CSPs
  • Compliance based financial services on cloud

Joint Strategic Initiatives

Tech Mahindra and IBM to Help Their Clients Modernize Operations Leveraging Cloud

Tech Mahindra and IBM have collaborated to help businesses transform their operations and accelerate their hybrid cloud strategies. Tech Mahindra will help clients migrate core business applications to the IBM public cloud using IBM Cloud Paks. As part of this relationship, IBM and Tech Mahindra will establish innovation centers designed to help address complex business problems across industries, including telecommunication, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, retail and healthcare.

Tech Mahindra and IBM to work on five strategic focus areas including 5G, automation, hybrid cloud, cyber security, data, and AI

Both the companies have deepened their partnership to jointly develop solutions for clients that would potentially generate $1 billion in revenue over the next three years and will also co-invest in centres of excellence.


IBM Beacon Awards 2020- Outstanding Solution (Finalist)
Best-in-Class SI for India & South Asia at Think Digital Summit 2020
IBM Beacon Awards 2019-Outstanding Security Solution (Finalist)
Best Europe Security SaaS partner (2018)

Leading the Way

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High Performance Data Management Solution with IBM for ADAS Development

A scalable, software-defined infrastructure powered by TechM –IBM

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Warranty 360 - Powered by AI

An accelerator available in IBM Cloud Pak for Data

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Enabling Businesses to be IBM Smart

IBM Cloud Success Stories

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Achieving Resilient Cloud-to-edge Security

Authored by Frost & Sullivan, learn how to establish transparency, resilience, and securability

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Building Operational Resilience through Enterprise Asset Management

Unleashing the value of an evolving, holistic, and well-Integrated Enterprise Asset Management solution

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Mitigating Cloud Challenges with AI-based Management

Authored by Frost & Sullivan, learn how to mitigate Cloud challenges with the help of AI

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Enterprise Asset Management solutions with IBM Maximo® to empower customers

Bring resilience into your factory operation with Tech Mahindra Enterprise Asset Management solution.

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Harness the power of AI-driven IT operations

Reshape IT operations across hybrid and multi-cloud with Tech Mahindra & IBM Turbonomic®

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Experience cybersecurity synergy as Tech Mahindra partners with IBM

Next-Gen Cybersecurity to elevate access management, fortify network security, and strengthen endpoint security

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Powering Innovation in Hybrid Cloud with AI

Dive into future of AI led Hybrid Cloud with Tech Mahindra and IBM

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Tech Mahindra at IBM

Digital rights management with blockchain

This blog post from IBM cites our blockchain based bCRMS platform as the industry leading platform that helps content creators mitigate the traditional challenges that have plagued the industry for decades.

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IBM & Tech Mahindra: Partners in Telco Innovation

Putting smart to work with the right partnerships at the right time

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Tech Mahindra Delivers Rapid Returns on Investment

Provisioned a new analytics solution using IBM Cognitive Business Intelligence suite on Cloud

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