Banking Products
Banking Products enable banks to transform their operations, bring innovation, drive profitability, optimize resources, and build future ready banking.

About Us

Tech Mahindra delivers complex banking transformation projects globally. The Banking Products Group Unit is one of Tech Mahindra’s key Units in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) vertical. Our clients include global financial institutions across asset sizes and scale. They undertake a wide variety of banking activities including Retail, Corporate, Investment Banking, Private Banking and Wealth Management as well as Microfinance. The Banking Products Unit has a large pool of associates with expertise on both COTS (Customized off the Shelf) products and Application Development and Maintenance Services (ADMS). Our experience spans across Temenos, Flexcube, Avaloq & Digital Banking solutions.

Why Tech Mahindra?

Tech Mahindra believes that we can be the right partner for our client Banks as we have the right banking product capabilities and solution accelerators to enable the Bank to transform its business

  • Strong consulting capability
  • Flexible Bank in a box frameworks for different bank segments
  • Experienced team with multi-year experience in multiple engagements in consulting, implementation and transformation, upgrades, data migration and testing & application support
  • Deep industry domain knowledge with a large pool of SMEs & Business Analysts
  • Methodology that is scalable and flexible to adapt to an engagement of any size and complexity

Risk mitigation – Our solutions will help in stabilizing a scalable banking platform which will be a strong foundation for future innovation initiatives.

Innovation enabler – Our “Innovation Factory model” & “Digital Enterprise Solutions” are frameworks, which can easily be leveraged for the Bank’s new initiatives

Service Offerings

Managed Implementation Services

The implementation of a new banking IT system is a significant, transformative project for any bank.

Selecting an implementation partner with real specialization, broad market experience, and a solid track record is one of the most important decisions you can make in connection with such an endeavor.

We believe an implementation partner should be platform agnostic during the selection process; keen, experienced, and adept during the design, development, and rollout phases; and then informative, responsive, and flexible during post-implementation activities. Few organizations in our industry embrace these ideals, and even fewer have the global roster of exceptional talent that we do to make those ideas into reality.

Our approach is both structured and flexible, sophisticated and straight-forward. We employ a strict methodological approach to the implementation process, which is based on the result of years of experience in the field.

A European -based consulting group studied 1,800 failed IT projects and determined that 11 critical success factors invariably determined whether a project would succeed or fail. Our methodologies ensure these factors are monitored, managed and met throughout the project. These are:

  • User involvement
  • Executive management support
  • Clear statement of requirements
  • Proper planning
  • Realistic expectations
  • Manageable project milestones
  • Qualified consultants
  • Ownership of the solution by the customer
  • Clear vision and objectives
  • Hard-working, focused customer staff
  • Proven project methodology & documentation

These are shared responsibilities: they give real meaning to our concept of partnership for mutual success, and they form the foundation of our seven- step implementation methodology.

Of course, in the end, however good your methodology, it’s of no use if you don’t have good people. Our consultants have an average of seven years’ experience, and we never train on the job. You can be confident that your project receives our very best talent at all times.

Analysis, Audit & System Selection

We believe firmly in the power of end-to-end project ownership. With the right resources, end-to-end ownership creates visibility, accountability, and efficiency as the same experts lead the process from requirements analysis right through go-live and beyond.

Those right resources are: savvy product aware business analysts, capable managers and consultants, and skilled engineers and developers.

Business Process Architecture

One of the most important aspects of change in a banking system is the opportunity to improve the fundamentals of the bank’s operations.

The goal is to avoid simply replicating the “as is” situation in the new system, and instead craft a reimagined landscape that fosters improved KPIs in every respect. This requires consultants with a deep knowledge of the target software, with expertise in integration processes and a focus on process dynamics and organization that only come with superior client handling skills coupled with years of experience.

The reengineering process involves diagnosing current processes, organization and software by identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies and unnecessary tasks and defining how, where and when improvements are to be made.

Redesigning existing systems and organizational structures helps banks to gain competitive advantage by:

  • Reducing overhead
  • Improving customer responsiveness
  • Enabling the bank to derive maximum value from its investment in new technology

System Integration

As a seasoned System Integrator Tech Mahindra has a wealth of experience delivering a comprehensive business integration and system integration services. We partner with our clients to manage and control the overall programme. With our tried and testing approach we are flexible to ensure that the methodology used best fits our client unique situation. Below are the typical activities within our business and system integration approach.

  • Programme Plan – MSP
  • Program Management Strategies (Communication, Quality, Risk, Issue and Change Manage)
  • Vendor management
  • Architecture Blueprint validation
  • Consolidation of Process Map / Process Catalogue
  • Consolidation of E2E Process Model
  • Consolidation of overall requirements
  • Management of integration scope, functional design & build
  • System Integration Testing Co-ordination
  • Acceptance Testing Support

Application Management, Maintenance, Support and Operations

Tech Mahindra has experience in many banking systems and we have used our deep knowledge of banking products to provide robust and reliable run the bank services in the following areas:

  • Application Management
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • Application Operations
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Issue and Defect Management
  • Demand and change Management
  • Application Enhancement Management

Upgrade Factory

Every upgrade release is accompanied by enhancements that require the customer to evaluate its business objectives. The desired outcome is to minimize regression impact and provide an effective post go-live support model ensuring business continuity.

Tech Mahindra's Upgrade framework provides smooth, simplified and standardized deployment methodology. Our low-risk and reduced time-to-market upgrades through the use of frequent online deployments, are accompanied with complete documentation and professional consulting services. Features include E2E project delivery and automated testing framework.

The Benefits: Key Benefits of choosing Banking Products - Tech Mahindra Upgrade Factory as a partner in your journey

  • Our Upgrade Factory supports a conventional and dynamic approach to upgrade
  • Automated testing reduces regression testing and testing cost
  • Reusability of testing framework for regular production deployments
  • Ready to deploy framework
  • Experienced and dynamic team
  • Onsite and offshore delivery engagement model
  • Risk reduction
  • Industry Standard compliant

Managed Testing

We follow multiple layers of testing to run and gather execution data from manual tests, user acceptance tests and security tests.

  • Automated and Manual Testing
    • Test Strategy & Planning
    • Test Design
    • Test Scenario, Test Case and Step creation
    • Test Execution management
    • Defect Management Process
    • Test and Defect Monitoring and reporting
  • UAT – User Acceptance Testing
  • SIT – System and System Integration Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing

Expert Training

The approach to Training is either a standalone activity or is embedded into the project methodology. We take advantage of having expert knowledge on the products to be tested and use either TechM or Client customized systems.. With this it is possible to provide training on the standard features or provide customized training of the client’s unique architecture. We use either standard training material or can customize the features within our training program.

Training Methodology Diagram

Data Migration

Tech Mahindra’s comprehensive expertise, banking acumen and data migration experiences are relevant aspects in order to complete a data migration in time and within budget with the desired data quality. With a solid track record of several successful migration projects, we have developed an optimal migration methodology that totally supports the complete implementation process.

Why Us – Working efficiently and accurately guarantees effective data migration, again and again. Our target is always 100% correct data migration. Following the industry standards and using our proven best-of-breed tools helps achieve secure data migration even while conducting multiple trials. The methodology used is what makes us different.

DevOps Transforming Business

Tech Mahindra’s DevOps delivery methodology is aligned with DevOps best practice and continuous integration guidelines using Design Studio and other standard tools. Alignment of Development, packaging, defect tracking and monitoring tools which integrated with Tech Mahindra ADOPT framework provides project dashboard to managers and project leads.

ADOPT stands for Application Delivery Optimization Platform. ADOPT solution provides any business IT organization a platform to deliver on the IT transformation that has been promised for long to business. It is a collaborative approach which engages people and enables them to establish interaction of processes and integration of tools. This platform enables organization to deliver on the promise of agile by easing any limitations that might exist due to current practices.

ADOPT is focused on shortening the overall delivery cycle.

Industry Expertise

Wealth & Private Banking

New Age Banking has been driven to providing personalized Banking Services and Solutions to clients with specific portfolio demands resulting in Wealth Management and Private Banking becoming an intrinsic part of the Banking offering.

Tech Mahindra’s Banking Products Group has been a trusted advisor and service partner to several Global Leading Private Banks for over 2 decades.

Tech Mahindra helps clients to drive growth and efficiency through the implementation and integration of the best of breed Wealth Solutions to cater to the organizations’ growth plan . A Wealth Suite transformation is more than implementing a new system to increase performance and revenue growth. It also provides a great opportunity to optimize the technology operations through implementation of DevOps.

Retail Banking

Retail Banking has evolved from a Bank Centric to Customer Centric Service Offering with Digital flavor and a seamless customer experience. With the raise of FinTechs and challenger banks the banking industry needs to become even more Agile, forward looking and open to change. . Clients expectations are changing and they expect more services available instantly through multiple channels.

Tech Mahindra Banking Products understands the ever increasing competition within the Retail banking sector.

Our ability and experience is uniquely positioned to successfully support our clients , with our best of breed consultants and design thinking led tools, enablers, catalysts and accelerators that makes us the safest choice.

Client Driven
Tech Mahindra Banking Products Group engages with our clients as a partner. We look to align with the unique goals of each client to ensure the success of each and every engagement we support and participate in.

Proven Partner
Our success stories span over a period of 20+ years with small to large projects being implemented in the most efficient and effective manner. We hold a clientele of over 200+ Banking clients in over 60+ countries

Deep Experience
TechM’s knowledge bank consists of over 1250 consultants worldwide , specialized in Core Banking and with years of experience in implementing and delivering solutions to our clients. TechM invests in our people to ensure they are trained and certified in the latest technologies.

Agile and Transparent

Tech Mahindra engages in proven and flexible methodologies that deliver the most robust and best solution to our clients and partners . With the growing demands in Agile and DevOps , TechM adopts these methodologies in our service offerings for our clients

Benefit of Scale

Tech Mahindra is a 5 Billion USD Global Service Partner, strong in the BFSI industry with over 7500 experts enabling banks globally from Tier 1 global banking entities to Tier 5 regional Banks and online challenger organisations.

  • CMM Level 5 Certified, mature ITIL based processes
  • Decade plus experience across major core banking platforms like Temenos, FLEXCUBE, Avaloq, FIS, and Systematics etc.
  • Leverage Factory Model with scalable centre of excellence and offshore/nearshore models with the advantage of standardization and reusability

Micro Finance & Credit Union

Tech Mahindra Banking Products Group has been supporting the Micro finance and Credit Union industry through our extensive knowledge and experience for the industry. We understand the important of Competitive Rates, Service Excellence, Trust, Transparency, Accountability, Social responsibility and Cooperation for the community benefit. In particular, we are proficient in delivering projects with the maximum efficiency to ensure large and small organizations utilize their members finances most effectively.

Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking has grown leaps and bounds in the past few decades from a traditional banking service to corporates to a highly diversified portfolio offering allowing the corporates to build their portfolio and enjoy the benefits of real-time business transactions . With the increasing demands of Banks to build a stable, sustainable and flexible corporate banking environment, the Core Banking Solutions have diversified their capabilities and are providing a more Digital flavor to their solutions.

Tech Mahindra Banking Products Group has been providing services and solutions to the corporate banking sector for many years. We understand the demanding environment and while new technologies such as DLT and AI offer enormous promise, it is critical balance a client’s needs, with the benefits of these new innovations.

We assist clients to evolve with changing market and regulatory demands and have experience with the complex integrated solutions . The Comprehensive services are a key differentiator for clients looking for both reliability and expertise in their financial services offering.

Digital & Challenger Banks

Our Experience in the financial sector gives us a deep insight into the industry and enables Tech Mahindra Banking Products to support and advise our challenger clients on their new adventure. We understand that each client has a unique view and value proposition and we work with our client to take advantage of their USP.

Islamic Banking

Islamic or sharia-compliant finance is banking with its own unique challenges. Whether it is for Mudarabah, Wadiah, Musharaka, Murabahah, or Ijara, we have the expertise to support you organization through an Integration, full end to end transaction or simple enhancement to your organization’s solutions, fully compliant with Sharia Laws and AAOIFI regulatory requirements.

Tech Mahindra Banking Products understands the challenges of this sector and in particular the importance for service quality at all times.

We have helped clients achieve successful projects in not only the Gulf States but also further afield in APAC and Africa.

Platforms & Products

  • Temenos
  • Avaloq
  • FIS


Founded in 1993 in Geneva, Switzerland, Temenos provides banking software systems to retail, corporate, private, wholesale, universal, Islamic, and microfinance banks.

Temenos Transact (T24) is a front to back office, CRM and product lifecycle management software platform. Running 24/7 and in real-time, Temenos Transact (T24) combines business functionality with a scalable and modular architecture, enabling banks to deploy and integrate functionality, to include multi-channel and next generation banking services.

Temenos Transact (T24) may be implemented as a model bank with built-in industry best practice processes, or as a configurable version tailored to the bank’s specific requirements.

We have worked with Temenos since 1999 and were honored to become the first-ever Temenos Partner to achieve global certification status.


Tech Mahindra’s Group is Temenos’ leading implementation services partner and won the “Temenos Global Implementation Partner Award” in 2013, 2016 and 2017 based on client feedback. We currently serve 62 Temenos clients, making us the most accomplished Temenos Transact (T24) service provider by several orders of magnitude.

Our Temenos team operates from 20 offices on five continents, giving us global presence and reach. 220+ Temenos Transact (T24) consultants have on average more than eight years’ experience. We draw from a global resource pool of the best consultants and developers in the Temenos Transact (T24) world, and our 100% upgrade and implementation success rate speaks for itself.


We are a fully certified Temenos partner, and have an established track record of successful end-to-end Temenos Transact (T24) implementations and upgrades.

Temenos projects performed by Tech Mahindra over the past three years include 20+ system audits, 30+ upgrades, 20+ system implementations, and 20+ data migrations.

As a Managed Services partner, we provide total core banking software lifecycle maintenance. Our Centers of Excellence enable our customers to enhance and extend their system lifecycle by ensuring that post-implementation maintenance and support is optimally tailored to the bank’s ongoing business requirements.

Capitalizing on our in-depth banking and technical experience, and on our knowledge of client needs, TechM’s Chennai-based Development Center has created a range of Temenos Transact (T24)-related solutions that enable customers to obtain the maximum benefit from their core banking system.


The Avaloq Banking System was developed in 1994 and provides solutions for Asset managers, private banking divisions, and commercial banks. Today the company serves clients primarily in Switzerland, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

We have worked with Avaloq since 2005 and we became the first Avaloq partner in Asia in 2007.


We have 120+ certified Avaloq consultants operating in Europe and in Asia.

In 2011, together with Avaloq, we established the Avaloq Development Center (ADC) in Manila, Philippines, thereby creating a dedicated hub for Avaloq system development work. ADC is a certified solution center offering development, implementation and post-implementation services to TechM’s Avaloq clients at a price point unmatched in the Avaloq ecosystem.

In 2013, we completed the acquisition of Solution Architects Group (SAG), a Zürich-based consultancy with a strong focus on implementation and testing. SAG’s Automated System Testing (AST) product which provides testing services at the API level is in use in 10 Avaloq banks.


We are a fully certified Avaloq implementation partner, and served approximately 50% of the Avaloq client base. In particular, we leverage ADC to provide cost effective implementations, upgrades, and post implementation support services.

The AST tool fully integrated into the Avaloq suite’s QA module, SQS Test Professional, as well as HP’s test management tool Quality Center.


The Systematics suite of products is the foundation for some of the world’s most successful banks and financial services organizations. This comprehensive suite of applications provides integrated, end-to-end solutions for customer management, deposits, lending, and financial and management reporting. The integrated suite is flexible enough to use in organizations of any size, business structure or geographic scale. It supports multi-bank, multi-currency and multilingual environments. It can easily manage the rapid, successive changes necessary today, whether driven by consolidation, globalization, competition, the Internet or other emerging factors.

We have been working with Systematics since December 2001 providing Systematics Banking IT skills to leading banks around the world.


We have been serving key banks in US, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand providing senior Systematics consultants for more than a decade. Our Systematics expertise is on all modules especially in ALS, IMPACS and ST.


Successful implementation demands expertise in applications and operations, technologies, project planning and management, as well as in the specifics of Systematics Banking system. We provide:

  • Requirement analysis and package evaluation
  • Initial package implementation
  • Conversion of an acquired bank to your systems
  • Upgrades to the latest product release
  • Skilled staff recruiting


Oracle FLEXCUBE UBS has been a leading Banking Solution offering a suite of banking solutions that have been accepted and appreciated by a multitude of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Banks across the globe. Oracle FLEXCUBE UBS caters to the Banking requirements of Corporate, Retail Banking, Cash Management, Lending and Leasing, Microfinance, Trade Finance, Treasury Management, Analytics, local and international payments, to name a few, with their Digital Banking solution providing an integrated Omni channel solutions. Oracle has been investing to provide an ever improving product suite, adapting to the changing Financial Market and adopting the latest technologies for a cutting edge and efficient implementation solution to their clients.

Tech Mahindra has partnered with their clients and Oracle to successfully deliver and test Oracle FLEXCUBE UBS globally, providing our skillsets and our structured approach in implementing the Oracle FLEXCUBE UBS solution. In addition, Tech Mahindra has undertaken Automated Testing assignments for some of the most complex implementations of Oracle FLEXCUBE suite of products.


Tech Mahindra has a dedicated team of market experts in the Banking domain who have been involved in the implementations of Oracle FLEXCUBE suite of products. The team has a strong understanding of the architecture of Oracle FLEXCUBE UBS and the associated enterprise solutions.


Our strong knowledge of the Oracle FLEXCUBE Banking Solution supported by the strong technology of Oracle FLEXCUBE UBS.

Our Success Stories of Banking implementations across the globe in Greenfield Implementations, Upgrades, Migrations.

Our strategic approach to any implementation with a principal to minimize the implementation effort and provide a solution that best fits the client’s needs.

Our strong Functional and Technical knowledge in Automated and Manual Testing of complex Oracle FLEXCUBE solutions.

  • Temenos
  • IMTF

Temenos Infinity is a digital banking solution focused on customer experience Temenos Infinity solves the problems of acquiring, servicing, retaining and cross-selling customers for banks looking to thrive in an era of open banking. Temenos Infinity delivers a cloud native, cloud agnostic, independent digital banking solution. This customer focused experience operates on any core banking system. The Temenos Infinity digital banking solution is cloud-native, cloud agnostic and independent of any core banking system. API-first, design-led, and working across any banking sector, it allows you to achieve scale and the total cost of ownership benefits of the cloud. The solution caters to Marketing and Upselling, Acquisition and Onboarding, Origination, Omni-Channel Banking, Customer Retention and Marketing.

Our Tech Mahindra dedicated team specializing in Digital Banking Services caters to Temenos Infinity as one of their niche offerings. We have orchestrated several projects across the globe along with other Temenos suite of products.

Key Insights:

  • Dedicated Digital Solution team for Temenos Infinity
  • Knowledge Bank in Temenos Infinity solution with years of experience
  • Proven Track of successful implementations


The products involved in generating any individual bank’s IT ecosystem are often numerous, customized, and difficult if not impossible to integrate. With Fiorano ESB, all third party systems can be connected cleanly and directly to a dedicated intermediary platform that handles all interfacing communication with Temenos Transact (T24), eliminating the need for cumbersome modifications and fragmented coordination measures.

Fiorano ESB is a distributed, event-driven, asynchronous middleware platform that integrates with disparate applications to easily manage communications between 3rd party systems and Temenos Transact (T24). It brings immediate interoperability to the realities of banking IT, a turnkey solution for application integration.

For any bank on a Temenos Transact (T24) platform with a functional variety of satellite systems, Fiorano ESB can bring a level of integration not readily achievable by other means.

Appway empowers the service industries for digital transformation with its unique toolsets, community, methodology, and leadership. A leader in client onboarding for the financial services industry and recognized as a global player in the BPM space, Appway works with 4 of the top 5 wealth management institutions.

Headquartered in Zurich with offices in Ticino, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Appway and its award-winning technology serve over 120 service institutions and 175,000 individuals worldwide.

The Appway Digital Business Platform enables organizations to develop and operate scalable and reliable business applications. With Appway Client Onboarding, financial institutions can adapt quickly to pressures and create high-quality digital experiences.

Avaloq provides an integrated and extensible Omni-channel solution. The solution includes digital services at the point of contact between financial institutions and their clients.

Manifold applications for mobile devices, tablet and web browsers covering inter alia retail and private banking functionality, corporates, client advisors as well as asset managers, are supported.

An open portal platform provides a maximum of flexibility with seamless integration into the Avaloq Core Platform.

CREALOGIX develops and implements innovative fintech solutions for the digital bank of tomorrow. The focus is placed on changed customer needs for mobility, security, personalized advice and education within a comprehensive user experience.

CREALOGIX has a comprehensive platform for online banking using all channels. It combines cutting-edge Internet banking with proactive customer service modules. And also delivers products for Financial Advisory, E-Banking and Mobile Security, Personal Finance Management, and Finance Portals.

The CLX.E-Banking Software Suite is scalable, flexible, safe and is open to third-party providers and can be seamlessly integrated into all existing processing and peripheral systems.

IMTF is a global leader in software and IT services for financial institutions, offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for automating key processes, managing all your documents in a secure and compliant way, addressing your requirements for transaction monitoring, customer due diligence, trading compliance and fraud prevention. They implement solutions to protect all your information and ensure consistent compliance across your enterprise.

IMTF applications help more than 200 customers in more than 45 countries to control costs, make better decisions and be more efficient and responsive. They protect your information and prevent losses and reputational damage. IMTF’s clear focus and expertise gained from more than 25 years of experience enable you to achieve sustained added value with their solutions.

IMTF is a Swiss company offering its products and services globally through a network of subsidiaries in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

  • Savetax
  • Temenos
    Business Analytics
    and Data Lake
  • WILFm
    Migration tool

SaveTax is a global solution for fiscal calculation and reporting that addresses the issue of multi-jurisdictional tax reporting.

A complex pain-point for financial institutions, multi-jurisdictional tax reporting sports a hierarchy of ever-changing rules that many tools are ill-equipped to handle. The product’s rules-based engine and unique architecture enable it to cope with increasingly complex, ever-changing tax rules, and allowing a state-of-the-art three-dimensional perspective on tax calculation (bank location, client tax domicile, instrument issuer country).

Through SaveTax’s rules-based calculation engine, financial institutions are able to provide their customers with the information required to report their activities appropriately. SaveTax interfaces with the bank’s core systems and its rules engine is continually updated with current tax information supplied by leading accounting and legal firms.

SaveTax is a strong potential solution for banks with multinational operations, forced to accommodate a variety of tax reporting schemes.

Key Benefits:

CreditQuest is an end-to-end Credit Management System, developed by Harland Financial Services, that provides a complete risk management solution specifically designed to manage the complex requirements of commercial, small business, retail, and microfinance lending.

CreditQuest improves efficiency throughout the entire credit lifecycle, centralizes data from many sources, automates routine tasks and contributes to overall credit risk management. It brings origination, financial analysis, underwriting, documentation and executive reporting together in a collaborative, streamlined workflow.

CreditQuest is a valuable potential solution for institutions that need to bring their lending operations into alignment and manage them, and their risk, more effectively.

NetGuardians’ revolutionary NG|Screener is a behavioral analysis software solution that watches over every point of entry and human input in your core banking platform and associated IT systems, whether directly or indirectly related. Its intelligent behavioral analysis continuously monitors business lines and IT operations in real-time with detailed alerts, reports and analysis of audit trails.

NG|Screener provides end-to-end fraud coverage that protects banks from malicious activity like customer data theft, asset theft, or illegal modification of banking records. It is packaged for Temenos Transact (T24) and Olympic, and is a valuable solution for clients seeking to monitor and mitigate the significant risks involved in banking operations.

Tech Mahindra as a global implementation and services partner provides services for the full suite of Temenos products. We continuously train our experienced resources on the latest approaches, methodologies and product developments to ensure that we deliver effect and successful solutions to our clients.

Tech Mahindra has performed many of these implementations. In the last 2 years, TechM- with its partners, have carried out a substantial number of implementations and upgrades in locations globally.

The WILF Migration provides a flexible, user friendly, ETL solution for data migrations. The Migration Process uses the WILF Reporting tool (WILFr) to import data from Source Systems into a relational database (Extraction). The WILF Data Migration Tool (WILFm) then provides mappings to the WILF database which allows for data conversion and transformation prior to migration to the Target System (Load). WILF Reporting can then import data from the Target System to provide reconciliation reporting as well as legacy reporting from the Source System.

Tech Mahindra proposes WILFm migration tool which has in-built features of Data Conversion / Transformation and Data injection using specific APIs (Ex: OFS etc…). However, for unsupported APIs (Ex: TTI etc…), new APIs can be offered as additional service depending on the Project requirement.

WILFm Migration Tool (Transfer data without risk)

  • Set for loading to MIGRT tables
  • Includes reconciliation processing
  • Automatically engages APIs when MIGRT load is completed
  • Visible source to target field mapping
  • Reusable transformation scripts (one script used many times) for data consistency
  • Speed (read ahead buffer, multiple transform and write threads)
  • Default field values
  • Lookup tables for standard changes (e.g., product code, branch number etc)
  • Account/Customer renumbering
  • Inbuilt data masking for sensitive data


  • System Change Manager
  • Systematic Extract Migration

System Change Manager (SCM) is an automated deployment and release management solution that enables both developers and release managers to control changes to all TEMENOS GLOBUS™/T24™ technical environments in a centralized manner. By ensuring that system enhancements are accurately applied, the risk of human error is eliminated, thereby reducing associated costs. SCM gives our customers a clear and cost-efficient view of the lifecycle of their system enhancements throughout the various stages of development, testing and release.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Reduced operational risk & cost through automation
  • Faster time to market of business change
  • Elimination of human error
  • Auditability
  • Simplified and reduced administration
  • Control multi-site development teams
  • Local support is provided via Tech Mahindra’s international network of offices


Do two of your staff members perform the same function in the exact same manner on the bank’s core processing system? How about all of the operations staff globally? A powerful workflow management solution, Systematic Extract and Migration (SEM) is an engine that allows Temenos Transact (T24) users to create their own personalized workflows. Workflows can be automated and based upon both external and internal events, making streamlining operations much more achievable.

Any functional workflow can be built in SEM and used to effectively add features and capabilities to the core Temenos system. If your staff labors redundantly and valuable employee resources are spent on repeatable tasks that can be automated, then SEM may save your bank a great deal of time and money.

Leading the Way

Bermuda’s preferred Bank is successfully migrated to a comprehensive banking ensemble
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Top Ranked Bank in Asia with a complex portfolio wanted to evolve with a strong Wealth Management Suite
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East Africa’s Leading Privately owned Bank with a successful business model for over 50 years goes for a multi-country implementation and new framework customization
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Global Leading Bank with a history of over 150 years , chose TechM as their implementation partner for the Private Banking Solution.
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Vietnam’s Leading Commercial Bank undergoes an Upgrade transformation using TechM’s expertise
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