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Seamless Digital Transformations

Under pressure to add new customers, increase average revenue per user (ARPU), improve CSAT, retain customers? Is your digital strategy not competent enough to cater to your always-online customer base? TechM Telecom BPO Services are the digital enablers you need. Our solutions are backed by Automation, Analytics and AI to make your digital journey seamless. Our services offer:

25% reduction in resources
20%+ cost savings
30% AHT reduction
Reduce-churn through Analytics enabled actions
Social Media Command Center (SMCC)
$1 Mn new revenue for every Million subscriber base

Our Solution Portfolio

Telecom BPO Services
  • Service provisioning and activations
  • Customer service (order management)
  • Data cleansing and migration
  • Finance, accounting, and revenue assurance
  • Enterprise billing and interconnect
  • Technical help desk and support
  • Social media customer relationship management
  • Project management
  • Enterprise contract management
  • Internal service and field dispatch desk
Emailer campaigns
  • Approved emailers
  • Adobe campaigns
iPad CLM
  • iPad content creation/localization
  • Supporting migration activity
  • Any other content creation/localization
Print Services
  • Localization and adaptation of all promotional collaterals
Creative Services
  • Creative conceptualization
  • Character drawings
  • Story boarding
  • Illustrations and animations
Innovation and web production
  • Mobile applications
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Web designing
  • Audio/Video production
Digital Marketing
  • Content management support for web portal
  • Development/designing of content assets (e.g. web pages, videos, webcast pages, etc.)

360 Degree Marketing Solutions

While addressing the needs of your existing customers is inevitable, adding new customers and getting more from the existing ones is crucial too. In this competitive realm where every brand is competing for the same over-saturated customer pool, your marketing strategies and channels can make world of a difference. TechM Business Process Service assists a business in rising to the challenge with its holistic approach, making Total Digital Transformation possible and profitable.

Our core marketing services include:
  • Audit and Consulting
  • Web Analytics
  • SEO / SEM
  • Display Advertisement
  • Retargeting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Video Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management

The TechM BPS Edge

Our tools have allowed us to provide multi-channel and customer-centric services through advanced plug-and-play platforms. We thus, automate and digitalize your customer interactions to offer an unmatched Customer Experience (CX) every time. We have built our expertise and intellectual property over the years to partner with the major players in the Telecom industry and these include:

Capabilities across analytics, data science, visualization, AI and ML and data supply chain

Leveraging in-house analytics platforms – PRISM, MDS and more

iDecisions – industry-specific out-of-the-box business intelligence

Mature industry frameworks like CareXa and

Telecommunications Success Stories

Enabling a Leading British Telco Achieve 53% Increase in Sales with Outbound Acquisition

The client, a leading British telco, was finding it difficult to take the right deal to the right prospect for a successful acquisition.

We deployed a multi-stage strategy that optimized every stage involved, giving an average month on month increase in sales by 53%.

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Delivering Business benefits with total digital transformation

The client, a leading telco in Ireland, was unable to manage the customers reaching out through social media.

We started with Webchat, a live person chat tool for all sections of the website and promoted it as a preferred channel, resulting in an 12% increase in chat-to-voice ratio.

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Reduce fraud related to box breaking to prevent losses

The client, an European teleco, was losing high end mobile devices per year due to fraudsters and incurred liabilities on them.

We designed a unique process with additional controls at the contact center and a subsequent supply chain process to counter the fraudulent attempts, saving 40k+ premium devices.

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Reengineered IVR and enhanced governance

The client, third largest Australian telco, suffered due to backlog issues, no SLA governance, ambiguous IVR etc.

We deployed a dedicated backlog reduction team at kick-off and cross skilled team to ensure sustenance and stablished quality governance.

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Live to Rise

Digital transformation in the supply chain - Vodafone Qatar

Vodafone Qatar recognized TechM as a preferred customer centric IT partner.

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Leading the Way

  • Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
The Current 5G Paradigm and the Future of Managed Services

A game changer for the telecom industry that is likely to present immense opportunities for its growth and expansion.

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Transformation in Telecom

Lifetime of any new technology has reduced, leading to high pressure on companies.

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Frictionless Contact Center Transformation

Digital process mining driven contact center transformation model.

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Increasing efficiency by around 20% for a leading Australian telecom

The client is a leading Australian telco wanting to modernize its entire CX eco-system but facing major issues across areas.

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