Tech Mahindra's industrial manufacturing attends to demands of designing and developing smart products, roll out platforms for collaboration leading to reduced cost and enhanced service capability. our vertical also, offers end-to-end solutions across product, production, performance, and experience value chains, ranging from consulting, assessment, and implementation till aftermarket services.

We partner with our clients to connect digital technology with the engineering of complex products and equipment, to develop and deliver a more intelligent manufacturing experience for their business.

9000+ Associates
90+ Countries
150+ Clients
150+ Innovation Disclosures

AWS Experience and Expertise

Tech Mahindra is an AWS premier consulting partner with multiple AWS competency certifications and partner programs with 2000+ AWS certified associates and 200+ AWS customer launches.

Our Strategic Focus Areas

Product Engineering

  • Engineering Cloud
  • Electrical/ Electronic / Mechanical design
  • Testing Validation and Certification

Connected and Smart Products

  • IoT Platform for Connected Products
  • Sensor Development and Connectivity


  • Net Zero Road Map
  • Comprehensive Sustainability Dashboards
  • Scope 3 Emissions Tracking
  • ESG Consulting

Supply Chain

  • Supply Chain Control Tower
  • Inventory Management, Track and Trace
  • Strategic Sourcing


  • Industry 4.0
  • Vision Systems
  • Metaverse and XR (AR-VR)
  • Factory Of Future and Digital Thread/Twin
  • PLM, PDM

Digital Customer Engagement

  • Direct to Consumer (D2C) and Reliable Aftermarket
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • Shared Mobility
  • Concessions Engineering

Digital and New Age

  • DevOps
  • AI and ML
  • Smart Sensors & Network Infrastructure
  • Platform Engineering

Our Solutions

  • PLM on Cloud
  • CAD on Cloud
  • MCCC
  • FIS
  • LineSense
  • AftEAZE

PLM on Cloud

Tech Mahindra's PLM on Cloud solution automates the deployment of PLM by leveraging infrastructure as code through continuous integration tools and continuous development processes.


  • Less total ownership cost
  • Up to 30 - 40% Faster time-to-market with rapid deploymentFaster time-to-market with rapid deployment
  • Smart Observability (Single view to monitor health of application and infrastructure services)

CAD on Cloud

Tech Mahindra - computer aided design (CAD) on cloud solution is an AWS cloud native, CAD solution (built in partnership with ISV Partner) which helps to deliver next generation design software by streaming the application through eVDI solution leveraging AWS services (AppStream 2.0, Workspace).


  • Reduced total cost of ownership– by lowering engineering costs, savings on licensing and reduced operational expenditure
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Secure, Scalable, and performant solution
  • Reduced Maintenance and Operational Overhead

Manufacturing Cloud Command Centre (MCCC)

Manufacturing Cloud Command Centre (MCCC) from Tech Mahindra is an enterprise-level visibility and analytics solution for manufacturing leaders and factory personas.


  • Up to 15% reduction in breakdown maintenance
  • Up to 5-10% improvement in productivity
  • Up to 10-20% reduction in delivery lead time
  • Up to 10-30% reduction in rework and scrap

Factory information system (FIS)

Factory information system (FIS) solution from Tech Mahindra collects, analyses, and visualizes operational data for equipment and processes used in manufacturing facilities in real-time.


  • Significant increase in productivity due to high machine availability
  • Reduce maintenance activities and overhead costs
  • Less rejection rate due to real-time quality metrics monitoring and analysis


LineSense from Tech Mahindra is an AI-powered video analytics platform that gives unprecedented data and insights into manual assembly operations. It offers analytics on historical data and real-time data on current shift operations to enhance overall operations.


  • Up to 10% Improvement in productivity
  • Up to 20% reduction in cost of poor quality


AftEAZE platform from Tech Mahindra, powered by Pega and AWS, aids organizations in the automotive and manufacturing industries in managing the lifecycle of aftermarket operations.


  • 0.5 - 1% reduction in warranty claim costs with the help of integrated telematics and AI/ML models.
  • 8 to 12% reduction of fraudulent, incorrect, and rejected claims.
  • Recovery period reduced for auto OEMs from 21 to 2 months.

Leading the Way

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