Announcing iCOPS
Intelligent Cloud Operations and Subscription Management from Tech Mahindra.

Intelligent Cloud Operations and Subscription Management for AWS from Tech Mahindra

While deploying cloud environments can be powerful, scalable, and highly available, they need to be properly managed to ensure enterprises are able to derive the maximum benefits from their investments.

Tech Mahindra’s intelligent cloud operations and subscription management services (iCOPS) platform for provides a unified view across hybrid, multi-cloud operations for seamless operations and reduced costs.

Integrating iCOPS with Tech Mahindra’s infrastructure operations platform – ‘TACTiX’, hybrid and multi-Cloud management platform – ‘mPAC 3.0’ and ‘’ will support enterprises to build a single view across their enterprise IT operations.

Focus areas for iCOPS platform include:

  • TechOps – Automated day-to-day tasks and deployments for zero downtime with proactive problem resolution.
  • SecOps – Enable zero vulnerability with operations security for hardening, backup, monitoring, operations and Cloud platform governance.
  • DevOps – Zero manual interventions by integrating DevOps
  • FinOps – Focus on continuous cost management and metrics driven cost optimization.

Our Experience and Expertise

AWS premier consulting partner with multiple AWS competency certification backed by 5500+ AWS accredited associates and 2000+ certified architects with 20 years of domain expertise
Our experience in delivering solutions to global customers (including Fortune 500 companies) involving complex scenarios and performing 7500+ application migrations, 1500+ application modernization projects by assessing 15000+ applications, managing thousands of instances complements our above credentials

iCOPS Features

  • Empower end-users to consume IT services on demand from clouds.

  • Extract critical insights on the value and efficiency of the cloud assets.

  • Integrated Delivery model with Tools and Best Practices including a repository of pre-built processes that can be used to automate manual steps.

  • Real-time dynamic cost comparison, charge back and cost optimization for hosting the services on cloud.

  • Governance model for utilizing multi- cloud environments in the most efficient way.

  • Integrated AIOps solution to move towards zero touch operations.

  • Provides insight for resource utilization trends for each cloud for better future planning.


  • Billing and cost management with continuous cost optimization.
  • Automation through infrastructure as a code.
  • Analytics and AIOps driven event correlation for seamless operations.
  • Compliance, governance, and security at scale.
  • Continuous integration, and delivery (using both cloud native and open-source toolsets).
  • Self service delivery (enabling app/dev access and control to empower business).

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