Infrastructure Modernization with Google Cloud

Modernizing IT infrastructures to improve agility, run more affordably, and scale to new heights


Tech Mahindra has rich experience in helping customers modernize the traditional, legacy, on-premises IT infrastructure by leveraging the reliable, scalable, and flexible public cloud service offerings by Google Cloud.

With a strong team of Google architects and engineers, we have a decade of experience in executing very large-scale Cloud migration across industries globally.

Cloud BlazeTech—with native cloud features of Google Cloud can help customers at any stage of their public Cloud journey. It is a unified and comprehensive platform that caters to a wide range of adoption requirements from initial strategy and planning stage to driving the highest level of maturity.

Our Experience and Expertise

Premier GSI Google Cloud Partner, 360-degree strategic partnership with Google Services

~1500 certified GCP professionals; 2000+ trained engineers on Google Cloud technologies

Dedicated Google Cloud Practice with full stack services with offerings spanning over 100 Google products

Our Service Offerings

We offer Infrastructure modernization solutions through our flagship platform, Cloud BlazeTech. Cloud BlazeTech integrates with Google Cloud and supports end-to-end adoption from discovery, assessment, infrastructure setup, workload migration as well as post-migration management and support. Here are service offerings:

  • Enterprise-grade
    Cloud Foundation
  • Pre-engineered Platform
  • Workload Migration
  • Cloud Governance
    and Optimization

Tech Mahindra Cloud BlazeTech - Foundations for Google Cloud automates the most complex landing zone implementations. This includes the necessary building blocks that are configuration-driven and designed to be enterprise-ready. Some of the notable features are:

  • Google Cloud Environment: Reflecting the organization structure, mapping of business divisions and their hierarchy within the Google Cloud landing zone. Ensures the granular control and visibility to the nth level Cloud resource provisioned.
  • Connectivity: Establishing the high-speed, low-latency network connectivity for different operating locations and data centers with Google Cloud.
  • Security: Google Cloud environment that complies with organizations compliance and regulatory requirements including access control, authorization ensuring protection to infrastructure, applications, and data from external threats and attacks.
  • Administration: Automation of platform administration and management aligning to the business growth and dynamic requirement.

Tech Mahindra’s Pre-engineered Platform Blueprints are configuration-driven, built by baking in 60-70% of essential requirements for an enterprise and encapsulates the best practices, from multiple customer implementations. TechM’s platform blueprints for Google Cloud are available as Cloud BlazeTech modules that help in fast-tracking the readiness of the cloud infrastructure by up to 50%. Some of the notable features are:

  • Compute Services : Covers range of compute services offered in Google Cloud – Compute Engine (GCE), Kubernetes Engine (GKE), VMWare Engine (GCVE) and Edge Cloud compute (GDCE)
  • Application Services – App engine, cloud functions, and DevOps platform that addresses the application build, integration, infra build, and deploy applications
  • Database Services: Relational, no-SQL databases including Cloud SQL, Spanner, and Big Table
  • Storage Services – Range of Google Cloud storage services including Persistent Discs, high performing SSD, cloud storage for long-term archival requirements
  • API Services – Supporting the entire lifecycle of creating, deploying, securing, and authorizing APIs using APIGEE
  • Monitoring and Observability: Configuring the necessary logs, alerts and traces for predictive, preventive maintenance and thereby minimizing the infrastructure outages 

The modules of Cloud BlazeTech help perform the automated discovery of existing infrastructure, assess the workloads, plan the migration, and accelerate the movement of workloads to Google Cloud. It facilitates large-scale cloud migration programs and delivers value through minimal cost of transformation and time to market. Some of the notable features are:

  • Assessment and Planning:   Comprehensive study of existing infrastructure, network and workloads using automation tools complemented by TechM’s proprietary checklists, custom workshops and surveys which helps to capture and organize functional and non-functional requirements of applications. Establishes readiness of workloads for Google Cloud, their complexity, migration disposition and move-groups.
  • Pre-Migration Preparations : Important step for accelerated migration that ensures workloads are ready with necessary upgrades and migration tools are deployed and tested
  • Post Migration Validation: Checks for application access in Google Cloud platform, upstream and down-stream integrations, database consistency, latency, and performance fine-tuning, tests for DR, HA, and auto-scale.

Cloud governance enables customer’s organization to achieve their cloud vision and the defined business objectives. Specific services offered by Tech Mahindra aligned with cloud governance are : 

  • Cloud COE: Establishing centralized cloud adoption guidelines, architectural best practices, organizational and security policies, platform engineering, change management, and overall program governance.
  • CloudOps: Multi-disciplinary services for real-time monitoring of infrastructure, application, data, network addressing their availability and fulfilling the user requests. Security operations on constant surveillance for any incidents, scanning for vulnerabilities and remediation.
  • Optimization and FinOps: 3-pronged approach that brings in financial discipline: 
  • 1. Transparency to cloud expenditure – utilization, cost breakup, charge back
  • 2. Cost avoidance – ensuring the capacity and duration of the usage are optimal. Eliminate cost of unused resources
  • 3. Cost optimization – architectural recommendations and changes for cost-effective implementations

Proven Benefits

Upto 30%
optimization in operation cost

Faster time to market and business agility

First time right migration

adherence to governance, regulatory, and compliance requirements

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