Smart Meter Roll-out

Powered by isMobile
Our ready-to-go field service management solutions tool with predefined workflows for metering connections, meter exchanges, asset maintenance, asset inspection, and customer management.


Tech Mahindra’s field management solution, powered by the isMobile platform, is a state-of-the-art platform enabling utilities to manage smart metering operations more effectively. The platform includes a mobile app that allows office and field crews in a blended workforce environment to plan, optimize, deploy, access and update asset data in real-time, helping to improve the efficiency of metering connections, reading and maintenance operations.

Tech Mahindra has a strong track record of success in implementing field work order management software solutions for utilities around the world.

Automation of processes and planning
Next-gen workforce support
Real-time reporting and AI capabilities
Efficient logistics with handling and tracking
End customer appointment booking service
Monitor and follow up work in real-time
Self-service dashboard tool with predefined KPIs
Automated resource allocation and optimization
Automated scheduling and dispatching

Service Offerings

Back Office

In Control of Everyday Challenges

Automatic and manual planning, scheduling, and dispatching with optimization support, real-time notification, tracking, and reporting for time, billing, and KPI analysis.

Field Worker

Efficient Field Service Automation

Detailed information about where to go and what to do, easy reporting, personal schedule map support, real-time progress, automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and offline support.


Notification and Booking Service

Proposed installation/service time slot will be sent via email, SMS, letter, or e-letter with detailed information as well as reminder notifications before the installation/service.

Site Survey

Site Check Service

Plan and execute site visits to collect data for meter exchange and other services. Use site survey checklists to report in the field and automatically update asset objects.


Corrective Maintenance Service

Plan, execute, and report on maintenance service work orders, including meter exchanges. Perform security and quality control checks before and after the job is done.


Ensure High Quality on Site

Inspection of meter exchange work can be manually or automatically created based on business rules, checklists are used for inspection and qualification, statistics are available to track qualifications.


Storage Management Service

Effortless meter storage and movement, scan and go with the field app. Track meters with full history, integrated with SMR workflow, and handles old meter recycling.

Meter Reading

Effective On-Site Meter Reading

Efficient meter reading with the smartphone app, flexible forms, and dashboard. The app plans routes, captures data, and reports on-site.

Smart Meter Rollout

Asset Management

The coordinator system registers assets with details and conditions for workflows, logistics system manages physical devices (e.g. meters) by scanning and tracking locations with history.


Real-Time Statistics

Widget templates make it easy to define KPIs, customize dashboards, and share real-time operational and strategic statistics, jump to operational planning view to act on results.

Multiple Teams

In a Seamless Solution

By providing a single platform for communication, collaboration, and project management, our solution helps organizations of all sizes and complexity to work together more effectively.

Easy Integration

With Internal and External Business Systems

Coordinator Integration Adapter enables easy integration with internal and external business systems via Open APIs, CWI, CII, CRI, and CQI. Communication is via XML-based messages over SOAP/JMS/HTTP.

Intelligent Command Centre

Helps Run the Command Centre Remotely

Design, implement, run, and manage 24×7 operations center- jointly with its strategic partnerships, provide field service rollout support, remote triaging, smart metering events management, leverage analytics and mobile workforce management.


Improved asset information
Increase in worker productivity
Increase in overall operational efficiency
Improved field productivity
Increased CX and higher NPS
Elimination of paperwork
Decrease in response time
Reduce cost to serve
Reduced AMI rollout costs
Reduced failure rates


As a result of its technical capabilities and experience, Tech Mahindra is well-positioned to help utilities achieve their smart grid goals. The company’s isMobile platform collaboration is a proven solution that can help utilities to improve the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of their service operations management.

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