Empowers enterprises to kick-start their digitalization journey, with business services built in a micro-services framework and 100 % modern open source technologies.

Changing the way enterprises operate

An end-to-end solution to catalyze digital and business transformation to enhance the way enterprises operate. A platform with ready to configure and easy to create microservices and flexible user interface components to enable a uniform customer experience across all channels. With its ability to connect with legacy systems using custom built adaptors and APIs to connect to multiple channels in a uniform and seamless manner, Blue Marble is a unique solution that cuts across all verticals and operations. Blue Marble leverages the open source tools and technologies to bring about the required agility and application/infrastructure modernization. The platform has resulted from our experience working with clients in the Telecom industry, understanding their challenges along and providing innovative solutions with latest technology.

Standardized Repository of Microservice Products for fast and smooth Transformation
Microservices Architecture Pattern for reducing complexity, independent scaling and modularity
100 % Open Source/ Modern Agile IT stack to facilitate a robust and flexible IT infrastructure
User Interface Components for a fast roll-out of a consistent customer experience.
Lifecycle Management Services with domain driven and design thinking principles
Transformation Consulting from customer experience, business models to implementation and process transformation.

Who We Serve

  • Telecommunication
  • Utilities

BlueMarble catalyses digital transformation leading enterprises towards agility and innovation by providing a consistent framework based on years of technical expertise and domain knowledge,

  • Omni-Channel, Multi-Play Commerce

    Driving consistent customer sales journeys across all touchpoints for a better experience and increased business

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  • Product Catalog

    Consolidate product definition for a shorter time to market and reduced complexity.

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  • Order Management

    Driving a consistent and flexible order process for service providers across all products and services

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  • Retail / Telesales Business Applications

    Building optimized Business Applications for a superior customer experience

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Supporting Energy and Utility companies in their transformation to digital business companies.

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Leading the Way

Frost & Sullivan

Monetizing the Omni-Channel, Omni-Play Customer Experience

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Commercial Product Catalog

Simplify Time-to-Market for all Products across all Channels

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Unlocking Omni-channel for retail businesses fast and driving growth

Omni-channel has become a buzz word in the telecommunications industry, but the basics are not new and remain the same

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Taking the right approach for product catalog alignment

Most vendors propose a central-catalog driven architecture, to enable CSPs to become agile digital service providers with omnichannel capabilities

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