Intelligent Automation
Collaborative digital and human workforce to accelerate value for enterprises
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Power of Automation & AI

Intelligent Automation is about leveraging automation technologies such as RPA, BPM, Integration/API’s, Low-code/No-code in conjunction with acquired machine intelligence through AI, ML and other cognitive technologies. It widens the expanse of automation possibilities by focusing on diverse facets like NLP, Speech, Text, Vision, Analytics and more. The objective is to make software bots resilient and match human capabilities in order to deliver truly transformative process automations with reduced human dependence.

175+ implementation
Live use cases exploiting NLP, Vision, Analytics, OCR & other cognitive technologies
15+ virtual assistant deployments
15+ intelligent automation partnerships
In-house intelligent platforms cutting across verticals

Our IA Platform Solutions

  • IAaaS (Intelligent Automation as a Service)
  • DACC (Digital Automation Command Centre)
  • IA Solutions

An OPEX based, self-funded, bundled solution that can give accelerated RoI for clients.

  • Model Definition
    Automation as a Service


    Pay per use case set per month

    License, Infra, Development, Support in a Box
  • Key Features
    OPEX driven model

    One cost for customer

    Flexibility to ramp up BOTs based on consumption*

    ROI in less than 2-3 Months
  • Collaborative digital and human workforce to accelerate value for enterprises.
  • Achieve E2E service automation, governance & scale by seamless orchestration of bots and humans
  • Shared service or dedicated DACC model for clients
  • IPaaS - Invoice Processing As a Service
  • Intelliclaims for worker compensation insurance
  • Sentinel – Digital risk management platform
  • Digital quote process system for a Canadian insurance agency
  • Lloyds market brokerage workbench

Digital Automation Command Centre

DACC offers complete online/offline visibility, real time metrics and end-to-end automation with smooth handoffs. The Bot support team offers constant monitoring at low cost with a complete focus on automation growth. The DACC model is fast to adopt and easy to scale and maintain.

Open, agnostic & truly collaborative eco-system [complete hybrid workforce visibility, bot sharing, better utilization, SLA adherence]
AI + Analytics + Automation + Humans [single interface to manage all Automation facets, use bots & humans for individual bests]
Low code & secure, no more local file management [one platform to manage all artifacts related to a customer journey]
Human fallback for machines [leverage human capability when machines fail, build bots faster with lesser exception handling]
SaaS based offering for go-live within days [available both as SaaS & in-premise, typical go-live is within days]

IA Services Catalog

Consulting & Advisory

  • UC Discovery, process analysis and mapping
  • Business process impact analysis (ROI)
  • Process and Data evaluation
  • Automation Office & COE setup
  • Use-case definition and capture
  • Data strategy roadmap for AI
  • Accelerated tool based discovery & Process/task mining

Implementation Services

  • Environment design, installation & commissioning IA powered by AI/ML/NLP based solutions
  • Data scientist services
  • Code audit & review services
  • Process and people change management
  • Testing and hyper-care support
  • Migration services

Platform Selection

  • Mapping strategy to existing IA and AI platforms
  • Fit-for-purpose evaluation
  • Deployment strategy for enterprise wide rollout
  • Digital automation command centre setup
  • Enterprise adapters and services
  • Skill evaluation
  • Road-map assessment


  • Production support services
  • Ongoing IA enhancements
  • Continuous ML strategies
  • Process documentation
  • Knowledge services
  • Service orchestration and Bot hub
  • Robotics Operations Centre setup

UNO-Led Robotic Process Automation

UNO is part of Tech Mahindra's RPA framework. It improves efficiency by targeting faster and more accurate issue resolution resulting in improved CX and lower costs. RPA also encompasses AI/ML and other Cognitive technologies.

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Success Stories

US based Global Manufacturing Giant

Multi-lingual invoice management for AP processing in SAP resulting in savings of over 1 Mn+ per annum.

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US based Global Oil & Gas Major

Invoice management for shared service center resulting in savings of close to $2 Million per annum.

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Global Beverage & Packaged Food Products Giant

Tax filing process standardization & automation resulted in $12 Mn+ annual estimated savings.

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Leading the way

Intelligent Automation- Next Gen Solutions

IA is a marathon and no longer a sprint that can be finished in a short time.

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Intelligent Automation as a Service Powered by ‘Pay as You Gain'

A “Pay as you Gain” model for firms to scale and eventually convert IAaaS into “Business as Usual”.

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