Energy and Utility

AI can help Energy and Utility companies fill important gaps in customer care, free up person-hours through greater efficiency, and also ensure reduced energy and resource leakage


AI Powering Energy and Utility Sector Forward

  • The Energy and Utility sector is undergoing significant transformation globally with new technologies opening up avenues for driving greater efficiency
  • While the regulatory structures and industry innovations are enabling greater empowerment for the end user, companies are also facing pressing challenges in understanding customer insights, thereby meeting their demands and plugging resource leakages.
Industry Gaps
  • Customer queries about hard-to-understand bills and issues like real-time energy and utility usage go unresolved by energy companies
  • Maintenance and repair for underground pipes is delayed because of manual engineering assessments of video data
  • Efficient energy forecasting systems are needed by renewable energy producers to improve their OPEX
Tech Mahindra Solutions

Our AI powered solutions are designed to:

  • Help consumers make better informed decisions about electric, water and gas usage
  • Enable companies understand and address consumer demands better
  • Reduce repair and maintenance time considerably with improved accuracy
  • Create a path towards a sustainable future


Digital Customer Experience
  • Customers are often confused over complex energy and utility bills.
  • There is lack of response from energy companies to questions or issues raised by the customer
  • Our AI-first Digital Customer Experience system uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique in customer communication with virtual assistants, because of which customer queries are understood and responded to with ease
  • ML gives companies’ better customer segmentation along with insights, for better resource and energy usage, to improve customer experience and reduce service cost.
  • Machine Learning also provides customers and utilities intuitive ways to make informed decisions on electric, water and gas usage
Cognitive Asset Management
  • Companies face delays in maintenance and repair work for underground pipes due to lengthy assessment and manual inspection of video data.
  • Our AI-based platform employs ML-ANN methods to determine the pipes’ condition and location, help store and map the data on the cloud, and turn a 2 day process into a 2 minute quick solution with increased review accuracy.
Renewable Energy Operation and Insight
  • Renewable energy producers require efficient energy forecasting systems to improve their OPEX. They also need predictive maintenance to increase Plant performance efficiency
  • Our AI based solution employs advanced algorithms that swiftly analyses satellite and plant data for more accurate generation forecasting that meets regulatory requirements.
  • Advanced algorithms also track module degradation and soiling loss across the plant portfolio
  • Predictive maintenance helps in lowering operation costs and time.


Digital Customer Experience
  • Improves customer experience
  • Reduces customer service cost
  • Reduces energy and water usage
  • Helps Achieve sustainability goal
Cognitive Asset Management
  • Reduces internal costs by 33%
  • Reduces task time required to review procedures by 75%
  • Increases review accuracy by 15%
Renewable Energy Operation and Insight
  • Improves power generation based on real-time conditions
  • Swiftly analyses and identifies performance issues across portfolios
  • Real-time performance ratio and solar yield calculation
  • Reduced operation and maintenance costs with predictive maintenance

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