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Block Ecosystem

Tech Mahindra has architected a comprehensive strategy to position itself as the world’s leading blockchain company. We work on a holistic framework called ‘Block Ecosystem’ that comprises of various levers; Block Studio, Block Engage, Block Talks, Block Geeks, Block Accelerate, Block Access & Block Value, which create industry-leading applications that are architected on innovation and human excellence to unlock significant value for all stake holders.

Platform Ecosystem

Incubation of 20+ best-in-class blockchain platforms and solutions through a combination of in-house and partner platforms

Partner Ecosystem

Created a well-diversified partner ecosystem includes ~30 partners across Startups, Protocol Developers & Industry Associations

Strategic Investments

Strategic investments in 10+ high growth startups that helps us remain at the forefront of blockchain innovation

Blockchain Marketplace

Creation of blockchain marketplace for demonstrating our solution to clients – currently supports 25 live Dapps and 6 protocols

Industry Awards

Winner of 10+ industry awards including Microsoft Inspire Awards and India Blockchain Awards for 2019

Government Collaboration

MoU with Govt of Telangana to jointly create ‘Blockchain District’

Our Service Portfolio

Tech M’s Blockchain Business Unit full stack service provider focuses on four major offerings for its clients, as outlined below:
Business & Strategy Consulting / Professional Services

Partnering with the Technical Services / Innovation dept. of clients to enable the implementation of blockchain POCs and Proof of Technology

System Integration

Integrating blockchain platforms / services into client’s applications and conducting workshops for identifying the pain points for end-to-end deployments

Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service

Plug and play platforms for customers, via pay-as-you-go models. Examples include bCRMS, Port-to-store, etc.

Sandbox Environment

Enabling blockchain innovation in organizations using various technology and platform sandboxes that we provide

Who We Serve

  • BFSI
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • HLS
  • CME
  • Government

Blockchain technology is transforming the banking and insurance industry by creating trust and transparency for payment transactions between stakeholders.

  • Cross-border Payments

    One of the first live Blockchain implementations in a bank in India – traces the inward remittance trail over the cross-border corridor

  • Invoice Discounting

    Invoice discounting platform brings the bank, industry majors and vendors on the same platform to derive common views of transactions

  • Trade Finance

    End-to-end financing and business process automation for multi-party transactions, enabling rapid, risk mitigation at critical points in the trade lifecycle.

  • VIN-based Tracking

    Tracking of VIN at the time of supply by IM and sale of vehicles by dealers, enabling better visibility, stock regulation and dealer financing

  • Smart Treasury

    Offers consolidated visibility, direct control and instantaneous transfers without ledger reconciliations - a real-time multi-currency liquidity management platform

Reshaping the manufacturing industry in various sectors like logistics, supply chain, automotive by integrating blockchain in their existing system and improving the speed and transparency in operations.

  • Procure to Pay

    A multi-channel process that connects the client with all service/product providers, allowing for requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, paying for goods and services

  • Warranty Services (Claims and Analytics)

    NexLedger Blockchain can help streamline the industry by securing supply chain&providing track-and-trace capabilities for warranty products

  • Outbound Logistics

    Provides timely updates and determines ETA for consignments/orders for end customers that is routed through transporters and logistics service providers

  • Digital Twin

    Creation of Digital Twin on Blockchain will help in capturing all the information from relevant stakeholders on a single platform

Blockchain has its booming presence in Oil & Gas with many interesting use-cases around this industry.

  • Invoice Reconciliation in Downstream and Upstream Process

    Blockchain solution enables transparency and efficiency across all parties in the supply chain of the downstream process

Blockchain has made its presence in Healthcare & Lifesciences by solving the biggest challenge of security. This emerging technology helps to store and share the medical-related data in a secured manner.

  • Patient Health Records

    EHR puts the patient at the center of the ecosystem, allowing for a seamless consent mechanism to work with the various participants in the network

  • Track and Trace of Drugs

    Real-time tracking and tracing of drugs manufactured and shipped by the pharmaceutical company

  • Pay-per-use Medical Equipment

    Pay-per-use Medical Equipment allows the customers to move from a capex to an opex model, reducing costs and opening up new markets for their products

Blockchain can prevent spam calls, secure user identities, support network services,and help support IoT connectivity. For M&E, blockchain helps in contracts and rights management and track & trace content distribution.

  • Outbound Logistics

    Blockchain solution leverages smart contract for 3-way matching of PO, GRN & IR, increasing transparency and trust between stakeholders

  • Unsolicited Commercial Calls Forward & Reverse Order Logistics

    Blockchain solution enablesthe telecom service providers to prevent unauthorized access of their subscribers' data.

Blockchain in Government protects the data and simplifiesthe processes by increasing the efficiency, transparency and traceability. The platform allows individuals and governments to share data over a distributed ledger.

  • Land Titles

    Enabling a new service of Digital Deed by sharing of data by the local municipality, impacting the net happiness quotient of the citizens

  • Vehicle Lifecycle Management

    VLM enables the manufacturers, dealers & financers to provide a seamless experience to their customers with instant 2-way communication and speed of process

Key Platforms

TechM has conceptualized & developed 20+ Platforms through a combination of in-house and partner platforms across diverse industries to solve the client’s tough business problems, resulting in serval benefits. 5 Key platforms are listed below and we have several other platforms like Auto Part Warranty, Aviation record management, BurstIQ, TradeIX etc..,
Blockchain-based Contracts & Rights Management

Blockchain helps in contracts and rights management, track & trace content rights distribution and royalty management.

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Invoice Discounting and Domestic LC

Helps importer, exporter, importer’s bank and exporter’s bank to verify and validate transactions, ownership, and payments in real-time.

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Loan Securitization

Segregating the assets on the basis of quality and providing a quality score that helps investors take informed decisions.

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Consent As-a-Service

A customer web application that includes the preference given by individual/business to use the data.

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Supply chains across shipping, freight management, logistics and related industries

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Digital Payments and Financing

Drive growth through better customer engagement and partner affiliation

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Trade Finance

Reshape trade finance using Blockchain Automation

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Medical Material Supply Chain

Real time visibility to prevent counterfeiting, improve customer experience and financial performance

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Unsolicitated Commercial Calls

Nuisance calls and text messages (UCC) from Unregulated telemarketers to Telecom Subscribers in India causing bad customer experience, propagation of fake news and leading to financial scams

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Cross Border Payment

One of the first live Blockchain implementations in a Bank in India –traces the inward remittance trail for the Nepal –India payments corridor

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Land Registry On Blockchain In Uae

oEnabling a new service of Digital Deed and securing sharing of data in a Smart Application design by the local municipality, impacting the net happiness quotient of the citizens

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Everything you Need to Know

Making the Headlines

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NelsonHall NEAT Evaluation 2021

Positioned as Leaders in Blockchain Services in Telecom & Media Capability

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Winner of the ISG Digital Case Study Award, 2021

Blockchain To Mitigate Spam Calls and Texts: The “Great 1 Bn Subscriber Problem”

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Partnered with ChromaWay

Bring Consortium Databases to the Indian Market

TechM and Govt. of Telangana collaborate

Launch India’s First Blockchain District

TechM and Microsoft Enables

Blockchain Ecosystem to Fight Spam Calls in India

TechM and Microsoft Enables

TechM and Microsoft Enables

Meet Our Leadership

Kunal Purohit
Chief Digital Services Officer

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