Advanced Threat Management
We assess, prevent, detect, and respond to the security threats of our customers and provide 24x7 security monitoring services


In today’s digital age, where everything is interconnected, it is essential to secure our digital assets from cyber-attacks. Cybercrime is on the rise, and cybercriminals are increasingly using sophisticated tools, advanced techniques & diverse cyber-attack systems. In addition, cloud and hybrid environment has further expanded the threat landscape, making Threat Detection more challenging than ever.

An efficient and effective security monitoring & threat detection mechanism is the need of the hour. The organizations need to have a focused approach towards Threat Detection and Incident Response along with advanced malware analysis, threat intelligence, cyber forensics and red teaming to protect critical information assets.

Over the last two decades, TechM Cyber Security & Risk Management team has helped our clients strengthen their ability to detect and manage security threats & risks. Our Advanced Threat Management (ATM) capability includes Threat Detection, Threat Response, Threat Intelligence, Red Teaming, Threat Eradication & Recovery services.

Service Offerings

  • Threat Intelligence, Detection and Response
  • Red Teaming
  • Threat Eradication & Recovery services

Solutions and Benefits

  • Solutions
  • Benefits
  • Threat Intelligence, Detection & Response

    Our solution improves the organisation’s risk posture through threat hunting & detection to eliminate risks with speed and precision. Combining threat intelligence with indicators of compromise, our highly-trained team of threat hunters and ethical hacker protect information assets 24/7 through continuous investigation of anomalous behaviour and timely action against threats.

  • MACE Assessment

    Our state of art SAFE framework and MACE assessment provides a complete “in-side out” and “out-side in” outlook of your security posture that can help you make the right decisions from threat & risk management point of view.

  • Red Teaming & Threat Eradication Services

    Our Certified Ethical Hackers and Red Team members combine the elements of social engineering with penetration testing to gain insight into your environment response in a real-world attack scenario. They assess your security controls’ effectiveness and readiness, test your threat detection and response capabilities, and help you take necessary corrective actions proactively.

  • Threat Intelligence, Detection & Response

    Protection against zero-day and targeted attacks, including advanced malware. Effectively mitigate risks associate with APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) actors; Early detection of threats and improve risk posture of the organisation.

  • MACE Assessment

    Overview of the security posture of the organisation from an outside-in and inside out perspective. Attain a SAFE score based on Assessment, get Insights to enhance cyber risk posture of the organisation and align strategic security investments in the right direction.

  • Red Teaming & Threat Eradication Services

    Know the threats to your organisation thereby enabling the adoption of the right solutions to improve cyber resilience and proactively mitigate the risks and improve risk posture.

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