Cloud Security
We provide cloud security services that ensure a smooth transition into a cloud environment and address organizations cloud security concerns.


Our Cloud Security Framework & Offering help Customer’s to protect their Multi-Cloud environment & ensuring compliance.

Service Offerings

  • Cloud Security Advisory Services
  • Cloud Workload Protection Platform Services (CWPP)
  • Cloud Security Posture Management Services (CSPM)
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Cloud Identity Management Services

Solutions and Benefits

  • Solutions
  • Benefits
  • Cloud Security Advisory Services

    Our Cloud Consultant helps assess customer’s existing cloud controls, identify gaps in alignment with customer security policies, data privacy and regulatory requirements and provide recommendations to deploy and mitigate the identified gaps and transform their multi-cloud journey securely.

  • Cloud Workload Protection Platform Services (CWPP)

    Our strategy is to provide consistent visibility and control of workloads, regardless of their life-span, location, and workload granularity. Our CWPP capabilities include Perimeter Security, DDoS Protection, Web Application Firewall and BOT Protection, Workload Security, Workload configuration and vulnerability management, Container Security and Securing data through encryption and tokenization

  • Cloud Security Posture Management Services (CSPM)

    Our CSPM services bundled with strategic partner solutions automatically check for misconfigurations that can lead to data breaches and leaks, enabling organisations to continuously make requisite changes on the virtual machines, containers, and serverless workloads across a multi-cloud environment.

  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

    Our CASB service provides visibility of customer's shadow IT, enforce data protection policies, and secure/control sensitive data.

  • Cloud Identity Management Services

    Our Cloud Identity Management service provides variety of identity solutions to extend enterprise governance of identities and access authorization for cloud services.

  • Cloud Security Advisory Services

    Improve awareness of security posture, identify and mitigate risk management and compliance issues. Assessment of the current security state and provide actionable recommendations to strengthen the cyber environment.

  • Cloud Workload Protection Platform Services (CWPP)

    CWPP service enables visibility, security control management and protection across multiple public cloud environments, provides a consolidated view, and monitors & manages from TechM Global Security Operations Center.

  • Cloud Security Posture Management Services (CSPM)

    Continuous visibility of policy violations and automated remediation of misconfigurations. Complying with security standards including CIS Foundations Benchmarks, SOC 2, PCI, NIST 800-53, or HIPAA and regulatory.

  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

    Provides data protection across SaaS applications to prevent employees from accidentally sharing sensitive data and provides complete visibility of sensitive data across SaaS and multi-cloud environment.

  • Cloud Identity Management Services

    Securing Identities, Privileged accounts in the Cloud, providing unified view with audit capabilities and ensuring compliance.


Through our partnerships, we offer comprehensive security services to our customers.

  • AWS
  • AWS Managed Security Services
  • Benefits
  • AWS Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning
    Protects AWS EC2 Instances from vulnerabilities and check for compliance on OS, Database and Applications proactively.
    Conducts regular automated vulnerability scanning.
    Analysing the VA scan reports, reducing false positives.
    Reporting and remediation recommendations.
    Coordinating for closure of identified vulnerabilities.
  • AWS Threat Detection and Response
    Provides Managed Threat Detection & Response service leveraging Tech Mahindra’s Nextgen SIEM Platform and providing 24/7 Continuous Threat Analysis and Attack Detection Service on AWS Infrastructure from Tech Mahindra’s Global Security Operations Center with its experienced Security Analysts.
    Advanced Threat Intelligence & Threat Analytics using MITRE Att&ck framework
    Proactive & Reactive threat hunting
    Threat monitoring, orchestration, and automation
    Regular and periodic reports
  • AWS Workload and Endpoint Security
    Comprehensive workload monitoring, and container visibility of AWS instances.
    Behavior-based indicators of attack (IOAs) detect sophisticated attacks such as file less and malware-free.
    Integration with CI/CD deployment workflows.
  • AWS Cloud Security Best Practices and Compliance
    Enable Compliance with domestic and international regulations.
    Integrate and maintain best practices of technology by integrating controls, eliminating misconfigurations and benchmarks keeping the AWS EC2 instance and applications secure.
    Incorporate CIS benchmarks for AWS cloud infrastructure
    Optimize the security posture of AWS EC2 workloads and applications by utilizing AWS native and AWS Partner Network tools and services
    Enable and Regularize reports and trends review to provide visibility in security and compliance posture with a constant motive towards enhancement.

  • AWS Network Security – Managed IDS/IPS and DDoS Protection
    Tech Mahindra adopts Zero Trust Approach for securing the cloud infrastructure.
    Secure customer’s AWS cloud infrastructure with Nextgen Firewall including advanced threat prevention, stateful-firewall inspection, Intrusion Prevention System, DDoS Protection leveraging AWS cloud native controls and AWS Partner Network solutions.
    Proactive monitoring to detect malicious activity within traffic flow in and out of virtual networks
    Vigilant detection and mitigation of external threats and attacks.
    Provide centralized monitoring and policy platform for better management and regulation.
  • Managed Web Application Firewall
    Provides comprehensive Web Application Firewall to protect the customer's web applications hosted in AWS environment against OWASP top 10 web attacks.
    Review and recommend security policies to protect the web applications and their ecosystem.
    Fine Tuning Web Application threat detection policies for efficient detection of anomalies and threats.
    Protection from unauthorized access and unwanted injection of data and threats.
  • AWS Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning
    Proactively managing & mitigating the threats in AWS EC2 instances
    Gain complete visibility and continuous compliance
    Cloud based automated scanning and on-demand scanning
    Comprehensive Services including tracking for remediation & Compliance support
    Predictable costs
  • AWS Threat Detection and Response
    Near real-time monitoring and managing of security alerts & mitigating the threats in AWS EC2 instances
    Prioritizing Threat remediations & reducing attack surface
    Reduced Mean time to detect (MTTD) / Mean time to respond (MTTR)
    Automate incident handling
    Adoption of zero trust framework
    Predictable costs
  • AWS Workload and Endpoint Security
    Defends against network and application attacks - Comprehensive Malware protection and Host Intrusion prevention for AWS instances
    Shields workloads from zero-day attacks and vulnerabilities
    Helps to detect suspicious system changes and ransomware protection
    Automated impact analysis and threat response
    Run-time protection for container images
  • AWS Cloud Security Best Practices and Compliance
    Adherence with best practices and industry compliance.
    Proactive monitoring security and compliance posture of AWS workloads.
    Reducing the attack surface by eliminating misconfigurations.
    Effective and proactive integration of new workloads and applications with best practices, benchmarks, and compliance.
    Efficient and resourceful reporting and internal audits.

  • AWS Network Security – Managed IDS/IPS and DDoS Protection
    Advanced threat prevention solution & services delivers multi-layered defenses to proactively stop malware and zero-day attacks.
    Vigilant detection and mitigation of external threats and attacks
    Ensuring availability of customer’s applications hosted on AWS Cloud environment.
  • Managed Web Application Firewall
    Protecting applications from Top OWASP attacks
    Adaptive policies that continuously detect application changes and update policies
    Adherence with best practices and industry compliance for application security.

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