Identity & Access Management
We help organizations reduce the risk of Cybersecurity threats by protecting access to their most valuable resources.


Identity and Access Management (IAM) services facilitate enterprises to design, implement, and automate information and access controls. IDAM ensures that only the right and authorized individuals have access to the data.

We provide end to end IAM solutions to enable enterprises resolve access management challenges through our protection of critical IT systems, data, and applications.

Service Offerings

  • Identity Governance and Administration - IGA
  • Customer Identity and Access Management - CIAM
  • Access Management - SSO, MFA, Risk-Based Authentication, Behavioral Authentication
  • Privileged Identity / Access Management - PAM/PIM

Solutions and Benefits

  • Solutions
  • Benefits
  • Identity Governance and Administration

    Our IGA Solution provides users and IT administrative employees with secure access to applications; solutions that minimize need for multiple credentials; and improved security and auditing.

  • Access Management

    Our Access Management Solution makes logging easier for users in a secured manner by enabling single sign-on, with additional access control mechanisms like adaptive authentication methods and risk-based multifactor authentication methods.

  • Privileged Access Management

    Our PAM solution helps enterprises prevent threats for effective management, and track privileged user sessions by designing, implementing, and providing managed services through various third-party PAM solutions. Organizations stay in control and are safeguarded from intentional and unintentional admin rights abuse by streamlining privileged accounts’ authorization and control.

  • Consumer Identity Access Management

    Our CSRM competency has extensive experience in implementing and providing managed services of Consumer/Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution. It includes advanced security features including auto-provisioning of services, dynamically adaptable security requirements and behavioral/multifactor authentication & Privacy and regulatory compliance with GDPR, SOX etc.

  • Identity Governance and Administration

    Automated provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts; Synchronization of identity attributes across identity repositories. Configuration and enforcement of static as well as event-driven access policies. Reconciliation of access based on defined policies to ensure compliance. Auditing and reporting of access activities for critical information on service monitoring and optimization.

  • Access Management

    Authentication for users, devices, and systems for resource access. Single Sign-On (SSO) and Federated SSO or Federated Identity Management provide a one-time process for the user to execute to access all resources. Enablement of SSO functionality across the enterprise, partner and SaaS applications using industry best standards

  • Privileged Access Management

    Store Privileged identities in secure vaults & enforce strict IT policies regarding password complexity, automatic reset, etc. Securely share privileged accounts, granting every user the minimal permissions to fulfil tasks. Monitor and record all privileged users in real-time. Audit all identity-related operations

  • Consumer Identity Access Management

    Platform for permission-based personalization across channels. Single view of the customer and Intelligent insights to boost cross-sell and upsell. Provide a smooth and seamless omnichannel experience including web, mobile, IoT and other channels. Improves customer loyalty and satisfaction

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