Network Security
We have a proven record of driving towards holistic security policies across the E2E network security lifecycle in both virtualized and legacy networks.


With an ever-evolving threat landscape and an increase in cyber-terrorism across all possible infrastructures including public/private/hybrid cloud, it is crucial that organizations build a robust and strategic infrastructure design based on Zero trust architecture. It should be secured from new threat vectors, regulatory landscape and resiliency through advanced security platforms and cyber-attack detection techniques.

We help organizations reduce cyber risk, implement security approaches in a well-planned manner, optimize a return on current security investments and improve overall infrastructure security posture.

  • Network Design & Implementation Services
  • Migration & Transformation Services
  • Detect, mitigate, and prevent network threats
  • Lower enterprise data and network risk
  • Improve security protection
  • Reduce overall operational costs
  • Mitigate risk while maximizing business
  • Securing Remote Workplaces

TechMahindra have strategic network security partnership to define, deploy and support large network transformations like (Private- LTE , 5G , Network Cloudification)

Like wise Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) based Zero Trust Security Network, SAIFE is a joint solution between Tech Mahindra and CyQureX, A Hinduja group cyber security venture.


A patented defense grade technology that is FIPS 140-2 certified, SAIFE allows you to significantly reduce the attack surface ensuring ‘trusted access over untrusted networks’ with absolute Zero trust on network, device and identity. Enforce ‘Agile Perimeter Security’ for digital enterprises with SAIFE. With reduced network complexity of managing your existing network infrastructure such as VPNs, Firewalls, etc. while addressing sophisticated threat vectors:

  • Reduces the risk of Credential Theft thus preventing attacks due to Phishing, Keyloggers, Brute force
  • Isolation of network components with Zero Visibility and Zero Connectivity to the IT Systems thus reducing the chances of Server Exploitation, Denial of Service (DDOS)
  • With centralized key management that automatically generates, shares, destroys keys and certificates, Unique Virtual IP Address for every device and every session the risk of Connection Hijacking is reduced significantly thus preventing Man-in-the-middle attacks, Certificate forgery & DNS poisoning

SAIFE is 100% regulatory compliant with out-of-box audit reports (asset-based, user-based and traffic-based) to ensure you run your business with complete peace of mind.

Service Offerings

  • Security Perimeter design
  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Web Application Firewall
  • Managed IDS/IPS
  • Managed Web Security Gateway
  • Managed Email Security
  • Managed Load Balancer
  • Managed DDoS
  • Managed Remote Access
  • Managed Email Security
  • Managed Endpoint Protection
  • Managed Endpoint Threat Detection and Response
  • Managed Advanced Threat Protection

Solutions and Benefits

  • Solutions
  • Benefits
  • Managed Network Security Service

    Our solution helps minimise network threats & maximise uptime through a base set of monitoring and operational service activities provided by onsite & remote technical resources, and network security components. Customers can choose from Firewall, IPS, Content Filtering, Application Control, Web Application Firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and NextGen Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) services.

  • Managed Endpoint Protection

    Our solution manages multiple platforms and secures millions of endpoints across hundreds of customers. The services entail monitoring and managing Endpoint Protection 24/7, regular reporting of threats and attack activity, as well as identification, management & response to any security alerts and threats.

  • Managed Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

    Our solution provides a proactive approach to threat monitoring, focusing on investigating suspicious activities from a vendor-agnostic EDR tool, for real-time threat monitoring and activity data analysis from the OEM specific solutions.

  • Managed Network Security Service

    Reduce costs, manage regulatory compliance and protect endpoints, applications, systems and network; Web-based management portals to eliminate the need for manual data analysis; Improved Security device performance with No investment in tools/technology; Free up IT Staff to focus on strategic business needs.

  • Managed Endpoint Protection

    Comprehensive endpoint protection & proactive and preventive security measures; Identification of security breaches and endpoint vulnerability; Remote 24x7 monitoring and End-to-end network management. Lower total cost of ownership.

  • Managed Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

    Enhanced preventive, detective, and response capabilities; Increased productivity of security staff; Lower total cost of ownership for detection and response of security threats.

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