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Investment Management and Operations

Investment management and operations

Tech Mahindra services Investment Banks, Exchanges, Clearing houses, fund houses, fund services companies  brokers and wealth management organizations - that require front to back office support for all their development, infrastructure, quality assurance, consulting processing and other operational needs.

Challenges addressed by Tech Mahindra in the investment management space are three pronged. The first being the cost and margin pressures  across the globe, Tech Mahindra is capable of delivering considerable cost savings through equitable use of technology, asset monetisation through shared services and transformation initiatives. Secondly, Tech Mahindra has platforms and tools to manage the increasing regulatory and security requirements. Thirdly, Tech Mahindra has unique models of engagement in the capital markets space with industry leading pricing models.

At a strategic level, Tech Mahindra looks at improving process value and assurance, manage risk, regulations

At an Operational Level, Tech Mahindra considers achieving cost value and operational excellence. Transform operations and rationalize processes via technology and process consolidation/standardization. Enable decisions based on insights and analytics

Our experience indicates that Banks in the Capital Market space are facing a tough growth environment due to various economic and regulatory factors such as widening global fiscal deficit, managing profitability in weak economic outlook, adapting to an era of excessive and overlapping regulations such as Basel III, MiFID II, Solvency II, FINRA guidelines, FATCA, EMIR, UCITS IV, IFRS9 etc. These create an increased pressure on margins and growth, increased cost of compliance and demand for more transparency and stringent regulations and scrutiny of complex products

Tech Mahindra Investment management and operations at a glance

  • Builds best-in-class global operations and processes to retain market competitiveness and responsiveness
  • Supports expansion of current client customer base through better customer delivery ,customer data management and analytics
  • Build operational flexibilty to meet increased productivity at optimum costs
  • An integrated Capital Markets infrastructure with managed services for platforms across the full functional  spread
  • Proprietary Utilities are being built for Recon, Risk, Customer Data Management, Client and Channel on boarding
  • Flexibility and scale to enhance speed of transaction processing during demand peaks and troughs


Cost of ownership on Data Management

Cost of ownership on Data Management

Case Studies

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