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Key Business Drivers for Reference and Market Data for Financial Services

  • Operational Risk Management - Inaccuracy or unavailability of quality data  are a cause of both financial and reputation risk
  • Cost Efficiency - Reduce costs by rationalizing data subscription, eliminating manual interventions and employing hosted platform solutions
  • Quality - Reduction of errors, incompleteness of data and improvement of data analytics and reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance - Accurate master data is one of the keys to ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Latency - Availability of high quality data in a timely manner 

Tech Mahindra's End-to-End service offerings

  • TCO Audit - To address acquisition cost of data by reviewing data usage and rationalising duplication and redundancy
  • Data Quality Audit - To analyse, cleanse, improve and manage quality of reference and dynamic data
  • Data Governance Framework - To ensure TCO and Data Quality doesn't "drift" back to pre-audit days
  • Strategic Data Architecture - To develop a stronger enterprise data architecture environment to gain efficiency in costs, quality and timeliness
  • Managed Data Service (MDS) - To manage and operate the complete data environment from data acquisition,  through validation, cleansing and enrichment, to providing multiple "golden copies" for internal and external processing and reporting​

Tech Mahindra's Market and Reference Data solutions cover the following data sets

  • Security reference data, such as security master elements and identifiers
  • Prices and FX
  • Ratings (Issue as well as Issuer)
  • Corporate actions (Reference data – excludes entitlements processing)
  • Indices and benchmarks data
  • Issuer and counter-party data
  • Fundamental data like Company Fundamentals, Funds data, Research, Economic data
  • Real time market data feeds from data providers and exchanges
  • Other reference data such as countries, currencies, and exchanges.


Cost of ownership on Data Management

Cost of ownership on Data Management

Case Studies

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