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Mobility has been a game changer in BFSI sector globally. Context enabled transactions within and outside of BFSI organizations, for both employee and customer facing scenarios not only bring down costs of operations, but also set the stage for innovating with serve towards engaging customers better.

Tech Mahindra’s comprehensive portfolio of mobility across the space brings immense value addition at each point in the industry, from having delivered mobility to globally and regionally leading banks and financial institutions.

  • Enable efficiency and enhance experience at multiple touch points in an Omni channel world
  • Reduce OPEX and empower customers to transact with banks and insurance organizations with self-serve solutions
  • Instill smartness into branches and on-field agents to relate to customers better and serve them with minimal wait time
  • Choice of widespread platforms and solutions for context aware computing and rolling out services to engage the customer better (digital payments, proximity payments, augmented reality, context aware mobile commerce)
  • Leverage power of banking, financial services and insurance across multiple verticals like retail, healthcare, automotive, travel etc. to take advantage of a converged ecosystem
  • Ensure quality and security of solutions across device, application, user experience
  • Financial inclusion to extend the banking services to unbanked and under banked in emerging geographies

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Tech Mahindra is an ideal partner for organizations that are looking to implement BI and Analytics services. Services and Solution spectrum includes Optimization, Model Management (Predictive Analytics), Forecasting Services and Descriptive/Text Mining.

Our Services include:

  • Customer Segmentation - Cluster analysis, Multi-dimensional grouping of customers.
  • Campaign Analytics - Identify Best Practices from the previous Campaigns & historical trends
  • Cross Sell Analytics – Cross Sell & Up Sell, Considerably reduces customer acquisition costs, Servicing & Marketing, increases ROI
  • Retention & Loyalty Analytics – Retention strategy, Attrition propensity, Loyalty analysis.
  • Complaints Analytics - Focuses on delivering a combination of outcome-based services…each infused with analytics
  • Fraud Analytics – Helps reduce the fraudulent claims payout by reducing the claims leakage for Insurance companies.
  • Insurance Analytics - Helps insurance companies to get an enterprise wide view of their transactional data & derive actionable intelligence & deep insights.

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Tech Mahindra’s Consulting Services comprises a comprehensive team of Consultants and Thought Leaders specializing in Business Transformation, Business Process Consulting, Information Technology (IT) Consulting and Operational Excellence. We help our customers transform their businesses, processes, and operations, with innovative strategies aligned to the specific needs of their industry and unique organizational requirements.

  • Strategize ICT: Organization should focus on having a flexible and agile IT environment, responsive and scalable enough to address the evolving requirements in a timely and cost effective manner. To achieve this, Tech Mahindra helps organization formulate a robust ICT strategy considering the current business constraints, long term business strategy &  objectives, competitive landscape, changing customer demographics, regulatory environment, market trends etc. and provide greater resilience and capacity to meet future business needs.
  • Run IT as Business:  IT organizations are expected to take accountability for and demonstrate the benefits resulting from the IT investments made. The shift from ‘IT as a support function’ to ‘Managing IT as Business’ involves shifting focus from technology and product to a service oriented architecture providing customer driven solutions to business problems. The transformation moves IT from a cost to a value center. As an organization progresses on this path, there is a better alignment of the IT function with larger strategic goals and business objective. No matter what evolutionary state your IT organization is, we could enable you to better embrace “Run IT as a Business” model. Using our internally developed and tested intellectual property “z”, we can assess the current state, develop a future state architecture and enable you to step-by-step transform into business like operations. Some of most tangible benefits would be optimized, controlled and justified IT investment, increased budget for IT innovation and value enhancement, service level and operational excellence, IT decisions aligned with strategic, tactical and operational business objectives and improved agility to respond to market and business change.
  • Simplify ICT: Business growth results in complex and diverse ICT environment leading to redundancies, high operational & maintenance cost and lesser budget for strategic investments. To Simplify ICT, organization must follow a holistic approach to optimize business, applications and infrastructure layers, all at the same time, as complexity in one layer introduces complexities in other layers. Leveraging Tech Mahindra’s   proprietary ‘Simplify ICT’ methodology, our consulting team has, successfully, helped multiple large clients globally and can bring to bear, world-class best practices, tools, techniques and frameworks that will help you achieve key business goals, while keeping a nimbler IT organization.

As leading Information Security services provider to enterprises worldwide, we specialize in helping our customers implement security transformation plans and maintain an up-to-date security posture in a well-articulated, efficient and meticulous manner, across IT & business functions. Our “Entry-to-Exit” range of service offerings spanning Consulting, System Integration, Security Testing & Security Operations, is designed to mitigate external & internal risks for their current and evolving business processes as well as their IT infrastructure, ensuring security completeness for all aspects of the business.

Our philosophy is to be a preferred long-term security partner to our customers and help them implement security solutions in complex estates. Over the last 14 years, we have built an experienced team of over 450 security consultants, customized security solutions, and investments in Centers of Excellence to assist our customers in achieving a robust security posture. Our clients benefit from engagements covering a wide risk-management strategy with reducing administration & operative costs and improved efficiency.

Service Offering:

  • Consulting and Compliance services, where we carry out IT Risk Assessments and benchmarking of organizational security against international standards & best practices. We also help design security frameworks, policies and procedures to uplift the security maturity of an organization.
  • System Integration services, where we deploy & customize security products across the application estate and network infrastructure.
  • Security Testing and Review  services, where we test the compliance & adherence of enterprise, web & mobile applications to organizational security policies, regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • Security Operations and Monitoring services, where we provide round-the-clock management and monitoring services for security infrastructure.

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Tech Mahindra comes with a rich lineage in telecom and business solutions. Our years of expertise in this domain have made us a strong, reliable player among Cloud Solution providers. We enable enterprises, telecom companies and ISVs around the world to adopt Cloud based IT capabilities, help optimize costs, enhance time to market, and bring in the much desired flexibility in IT operations.

Service offerings:

  • Cloud Advisory Services - Tech Mahindra leverages specialized tools and accelerators for evaluating application portfolio and assess application readiness for the cloud.
  • Cloud Implementation Services - Tech Mahindra has hands-on experience in developing and migrating applications on leading cloud platforms.
  • Cloud Migration Services - Our Migration solution encompasses proven frameworks for accurate, predictable, and accelerated move to the cloud.

Software as-a-service (SaaS) Services - Tech Mahindra has comprehensive portfolio of industry specific SaaS solutions to drive business performance

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Tech Mahindra delivers cutting edge solutions testing services powered by frameworks, accelerators and tools. With combination of our in-house and open source tools, we deliver the best-in-class solution along with our key partners which helps you deliver the product faster at less expense. Tech Mahindra provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that help you reduce the risk of application or system failure comprising of Test Consulting, Test Automation, Accessibility Testing, Performance Engineering, Test Environment Creation and Device & Mobility Testing.

Service offerings:

  • Card Testing, Retail Banking, Products Testing and Loans Testing
  • Quotations Testing, Policy Administration Testing and Claims Process Testing
  • Network Testing

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Tech Mahindra’s Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) ™ is a platform based solution (declared as Potentially Explosive by IDC) which enables end users in an enterprise to access workspaces from Anywhere, Any device, securely and offered in a private cloud, single-tenant model architecture.

Key highlights:

  • End-to-end workspace solution offered in an Utility or a pay-per-use model
  • Enhanced Security through centralized data storage, Context aware settings and user profiling
  • Future ready and flexible Computing platform, Compliant to local laws
  • Cloud features like Usage Metering, Self-Service IT Store, and adaptive security  wrapped with Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Platform approach – Integration across services (BYOD, Data-on-the-Go, Collaboration, Messaging  etc.) with automation/Role based access/SSO with enhanced user experience
  • Reduced complexity and clutter of multiple technology vendors by a single window approach

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Cost of ownership on Data Management

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