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MDS - Managed Data Service

Reference data management solution from Tech Mahindra

Business Challenge

Quality and reliability of reference data that financial institutions have access to, has far reaching effects on their reputation and bottom-line. Inaccurate data results in increased risks, regulatory lapses and significant financial losses.

Some of the key industry challenges today are:

  • Disparate databases and lack of standardization resulting in data duplication and redundancy
  • Manual maintenance subject to error
  • Cost of data management higher than data cost, with firms being unaware of actual TCO
  • Lack of knowledge and incomplete datasets to adopt to a new regulations and manage risks
  • Exponentially increasing number of new financial instruments & the need to configure  them swiftly

Reference data management solution overview

MDS is a one-stop solution for reference data management from Tech Mahindra. This is a unique offering in the reference data management space that spans across the entire life cycle of reference data management.  MDS bundles a robust Reference Data Application along with:

  • Consulting
  • Data Operations service
  • Platform and Infrastructure

We leverage out-of-the-box functionality with best-of-breed operations and a highly domain-skilled data management team and deliver enhanced operational efficiency, data quality and risk management.

Tech Mahindra’s MDS Advantage:

  • Capex to opex conversion and consumption based pricing
  • Near shore hosting with leading cloud vendors
  • Multi tenancy to achieve economies of scale on the roadmap. Benefits from year 1.

  • Timely availability of high quality data
  • 96% automation for lesser manual intervention
  • Operational Intelligence for early warning
  • Enabler for a number of regulatory standards such as BCBS 239, Dodd Frank (LEI Adaption), ISDA, BCL, TIS
  • Experts track regulatory changes specific to markets as part of our product roadmap
  • Dynamic data model allows to accommodate changes swiftly
  • Faster time to market when building and on-boarding new data requirement/processing solutions

Platform Overview:


Our Reference Data Management solution is designed to support asset managers, wealth managers, investment banks, custodians, fund administrators and tax compliance systems across various areas of data management. It supports the complete lifecycle of security market data viz. data sourcing, data cleansing, data enrichment and distribution to multiple downstream applications such as portfolio analysis, compliance & regulatory platforms and fund accounting systems.

MDS – Coverage & Scale

The technology and operational services are offered across all asset types, markets/exchanges and time zones.

  • Over 20 market data sources
  • 3.1M issuers/ financial institutions
  • 450K active securities with ability toscale up to 2 Million+
  • 1.4M instrument prices
  • 730+ attributes and extensible with ability to scale up to 1500+
  • 20 K+ corporate actions
  • 52+ corporate action types 

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Tech Mahindra won a Team Data Management Project of the Year Award – 2013


Reference Data Management Solution

Reference Data Management Solution

Tech Mahindra’s end-to-end Managed Data Service Instruments Data Management platform to improve data quality, reduce cost and mitigate risks.


Cost of ownership on Data Management

Cost of ownership on Data Management

Success Stories

Discover how UBS Fund Services unlocked economic value in their Data Management System

Discover how UBS Fund Services unlocked economic value in their Data Management System

White Papers

New Operating Models for Reference Data Management

New Operating Models for Reference Data Management

Managed Data Service

Managed Data Service
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