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Manufacturers face highly complex challenges, such as a need for hyper-personalization within economies that demand mass production. Companies must also support agile manufacturing and account for frequency ramp-ups and supply chain disruptions. Tech Mahindra is the only manufacturing partner capable of seamlessly delivering on all these demands while finding new ways to innovate.

Solution Overview

Production Twin

2D/3D-based twin that enables virtual commissioning and process simulation, which powers real-time finetuning of key parameters.

Digital Thread

Integrated IT-OT applications like ERP, MES, SCADA, and other shop floor systems aided by AI-ML and analytics-based smart processes.

Command Center

End-to-end visibility and traceability of production, quality, maintenance, and supply chain processes and process optimization through analytics.


Enables smart work instructions, hands-free maintenance solutions, and training support.

Industrial Cloud

Cloud transformation to increase business agility.


We are betting big on 5G-led MEC (multi access edge compute) architecture to build the factory hybrid cloud.

Solution Benefits

Our Industry 4.0 solution is built across the Product-Production-Performance value chain, with a solution architecture whose fundamental blocks are Digital Thread – Digital Twin, hosted on the Industrial cloud.

We empower clients to adopt these technologies and achieve: quality throughout, higher utilization, flexible manufacturing lines, reduced time-to-market, and increased visibility across enterprise applications like MES, SCM, and ERP. 

Leading the Way


Case Study

Industry 4.0, Roadmap Development & MES Implementation

Case Study

Factory of the Future at Greenfield Automotive Plant

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