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New market realities like heightened customer expectations, digital transformation, and supply chain disruption are challenging our conventional understanding of industry opportunities – and it has everything to do with digital technologies. Automakers and industrial manufacturers must embrace innovation and leading-edge technology to provide customers with superior aftermarket services and agility for new revenue streams in the not-to-distant future.

Our Services

WarrantEAZE is an integrated solution that manages end-to-end warranty processing for manufacturers. 

Solution Overview

Equipped with smart glasses, service technicians communicate hands-free with technical experts at OEM's technical center. The AR-VR platform powering the smart glasses offers complete real-time collaboration while technicians are on the job, giving them access to audio-video support. This immersive technology also ensures technicians can be trained quickly and efficiently, thereby reducing travel and operational costs.

Solution Highlights
  • Complete warranty process management built on scalable architecture that offers flexibility and modularity for manufacturers big and small.
  • Ease of configuration, however complex the warranty rules may be, catering to multiple product lines and geographies, with very little customization.
  • Integrated machine learning models that help detect incorrect claims, helping reduce warranty costs and improve human efficiency.
Success Stories
  • $50 to 100 million warranty cost savings for large scale manufacturers.
  • Increased supplier cost recovery rate from 10% up to 20%.
  • 100% right claims with zero error.

Frontline 4.0 is an immersive AR/VR platform that connects dealer technicians with technical experts on the OEM side. 

Solution Overview

Dealer technicians are enabled with smart glasses, which connect them to technical experts on the OEM side. The underlying AR-VR platform supports communication, recording of the session, sharing of additional manuals, and also captures pictures of repairs to support warranty cases. All these actions are possible while the technician is working on the repair. Also, technicians can be trained quickly and efficiently with immersive technologies, contributing to reduced travel and operational costs.

Solution Highlights
  • Improved technician productivity is driven by enhancement in key metrics such as mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). 
  • Reduced travel and logistics costs as guided assistance is provided remotely.
  • Improvement in repair quality first time fix rate (FTFR).
  • Higher customer satisfaction and net promoter score.
Success Stories

A US-based automakers’ dealer technicians used Frontline 4.0 and saw the following benefits: technician productivity up by 15%; on-time vehicle delivery post service up by 10 points; remote issue resolution increased by 50%; and Customer Satisfaction Index increased by 20%.

Our solution automates the service contracting process for manufacturers.

Solution Overview

Built on a well-known business management platform, this solution enables manufacturers and dealers to consider customer needs while putting contracts together. Customer preferences and vehicle information are used as inputs, with the possibility of using connected vehicle features (V2X). Approval workflows are built-in, both during contract creation as well as during the contract enforcement period.

Solution Highlights
  • Complete data-driven service contracts management solution, enabling OEMs and dealers to view active/inactive contracts on customer fleets.
  • Help identify "white spaces" where contract coverage is missing.
  • Help OEMs and dealers bundle different contracts together and offer a bouquet of services to customers, improving services revenue.
  • Complete data-driven service contracts management solution, enabling OEMs and dealers to view active/inactive contracts on customer fleets.
  • Integration with connected vehicle platforms, dealer systems and customer information systems.
Success Stories
  • Up to 20% savings for OEMs and dealers
  • Improved services revenue to the tune of 15% by bundling contracts together

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