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Reducing Development Costs

For many CTOs and leaders in R&D, the primary challenge is to create a distinctive product while ensuring faster time-to-market and reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs. To meet these needs, Tech Mahindra creates solutions that drive R&D heads to redefine fundamental processes and strategies for product development. Ultimately, we ensure our clients’ increased investment results in reduced time-to-market and product development costs.

Solution Highlights

Turnkey Engineering Services

Productivity improvement by up to 20% for SW integration and testing, with an added improvement due to bugs identified at early stages.


End-to-end ADAS capability development within half the expected time period and with reduced costs.


Connected Car Solution enables up to 30% cost reduction and faster time-to-market, contributing to an improved Customer Delight Index (CDI). It also reduces breakdown and repair expenses by up to 20%.


End-to-end vehicle development capability (including E/E architecture, Top Hat and vehicle engineering, and sub-system development) from styling to limited production.

Engineering Cloud

Engineering workspace platform ensures anytime, anywhere, and any network workstation access with BYOD-enabled functionality as well as reduced backend infrastructure and application license cost.


Leveraging MBE and digital twin approach. Integrating various aspects of product development to deliver “first-time right” products to the customer in less time.


AR/VR-based digital twin enables faster decision-making with fewer design iterations, which results in cost savings and faster time-to-market.


Solution Benefits

Providing Value and Support
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: R&D teams can optimize costs when introducing products to market
  • Scalability: Manage exponential growth of product and process data 
  • Remote Access: Multi geo/multi-partner can access a single database in real time
  • Improved User Experience: Improvements across CAD/CAE/PLM and business functions
  • Leverage Data: New ways to derive value out of data and new technologies

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