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Enabling Innovation in S&P

Sourcing and procurement underpin entire enterprises. As S&P becomes more critical, over 70% of sourcing and procurement professionals report using suppliers to tap into new-in-kind technology services. To help manufacturers innovate in these fields, Tech Mahindra enables companies to meet challenges like de-risking supply chains, reducing material costs, and tapping into procurement-as-a-service solutions.

Solution Overview

Strategic Sourcing

Vendor development, alternate supplier selection, product and process audits, advanced product quality planning (APQP), supplier quality management, vendor negotiation, manufacturing support, supplier risk assessment, and mitigation.

Supply Chain as a Service

Managed services that include sourcing and procurement (S2P), planning-as-a-service (PaaS), transfer of work (TOW), and new supply chain establishment for both new product development and existing product management.

Costs and VAVE

Teardown and benchmarking, functional analyses, cost modeling, cost worth analysis, and new idea generation.

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