HEMM and Plant Equipment Health Management System

Solution Overview

Tech Mahindra helps organizations achieve the success by evolving a state-of-the-art consolidated support system; integrated with advanced data analytics modules.


Industry Challenge

Managing heavy earth moving machinery (HEMM) and plant equipment in the mining industry is a big task. It is challenging to maintain an effective and trustworthy equipment management system due to the size and complexity of mining operations as well as the wide variety of equipment/machinery needed. HEMM and plant equipment maintenance, repair, and replacement are crucial for assuring safety and productivity. In addition, a lack of real-time equipment health and usage monitoring and data analysis can result in unanticipated downtime and equipment breakdown, which costs money and production loss.


Solution highlights

  • IoT platform for real time health monitoring of concurrent and other parameters
  • Integrated analytics platform for OEM, MRO, and mine/plant owners
  • Condition based monitoring solution for key machineries and equipment


Solution Benefits

  • Improved equipment availability

  • Predictive Maintenance  

  • Downtime avoidance 

  • Optimized utilization of resources 

  • Equipment life and replacement 

  • Centralized data and information 


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