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Enterprises, find your freelance team to execute AI-driven projects. Freelancers, find your next rewarding micro-task. Elevate AI systems to new heights with intelligent algorithms for smarter solutions. Be part of a growing crowdsourcing platform with 200,000+ global users.

What We Offer

A platform for enterprises and gig workers to collaborate and create faster, accurate AI-driven solutions.

Accelerated Market Entry

Swift Deployment of Freelancers, Rapidly Bringing Your Projects to Fruition

Seamless Scalability

Effortless Expansion Tailored to Your Enterprise

Secured Crowd Participation

Engage With Confidence and Data Security

Precision Data Excellence

Access High-Quality, Accurate Data Effortlessly

Skill-Centric Opportunities

Diverse Gigs Aligning with Your Strength

Flexible Work Dynamics

Embrace Work on Your Flexibility with Ease

Our Service Offerings

For Enterprises

Data-driven Insights

Leverage the collective intelligence of the crowd to obtain valuable data and analytics for informed decision-making.

Cost-effective Problem Solving

Access a cost-efficient approach to problem solving by engaging a crowd of experts, reducing the need for extensive in-house resources.

Rapid Innovation Sourcing

Quickly tap into a diverse crowd to gather innovative ideas and solutions for your business challenges.

Efficient Task Delegation

Streamline work processes by assigning tasks to a skilled crowd, ensuring swift and effective project completion.

Scalable Talent Pool

Access a scalable and diverse talent pool, allowing your enterprise to adapt and scale according to project needs without long-term hiring commitment.

For Gig Workers

Diverse Online Micro Jobs

Access a range of diverse projects and opportunities tailored to your skill set and expertise. Annotation / Labeling. Content Tasks. Ad Relevance.

User Research Studies

Get rewarded for participating in diverse research studies on health-tech, behavioral studies, focused group studies and online surveys, etc.

Remote Gig Work

Enjoy the freedom to work as per your flexible schedules and remote collaboration options.

Automated & Fair Payments

Benefit from quick and automated payment processes, ensuring timely compensation for your work.

Upskilling Opportunities

Explore avenues for continuous learning and skill enhancement to stay competitive in the evolving AI-driven job market.

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