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Tech mahindra

Asset360 – Machine To CRM, to enable Remote Asset Monitoring & Service Management

M2M, (Machine to Machine) refers to the technology behind connecting devices to a central software system and communicating with it.

M2M adapters extend OEM devices to transmit data (raw) streams and M2M platform collates received data, interprets and transmits essential data and events to enterprise apps.

TechM’s Asset 360, a Machine To CRM solution, enables possibilities to bridge machine data with the CRM application to facilitate several use cases for Sales and Service processes, starting with pro-active services extending up to up-sell and more revenue generation possibilities.

The Opportunities … are limitless

Usage based invoicing and metered revenue models, Warranty management, Asset geo & configuration, Remote Monitoring, Inventory Management, Body sensors for remote consultations, Fleet Management, Smart Homes, Digital Billboards, etc.

The Asset 360 Advantage

  • Receives proactive alerts and cases on potential device problems.
  • 360 degree view of Assets functioning over time, aiding quicker resolution.
  • Available within CRM and accessible via mobile.
  • Agent perceived as an expert advisor who help minimize system downtime and repercussions, possessing remote monitoring and control features.
  • My Assets’ view in portal, providing constant visibility on performance & usage data from devices
  • Rich analytics on hand, to distribute device utilizations to achieve optimum leverage.
  • Connected machines, with self-alert and self-healing features, reducing manual tasks and help productivity gains.
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