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IORS – Intelligent Object Routing Service

Routing and Assignment are two key ingredients of most business processes - to assign ownership for an object at any point during a process workflow.

A service request will need a customer representative. A Lead will require a sales representative. A work order will require a field service personnel. An escalation will require a manager. In all these situations and more, it is essential to route and assign the object to the best person available to handle the object and take it to its next step in the life cycle efficiently.

Ineffective routing and assignment mechanisms are causing customer and employee satisfaction issues in addition to increasing the cost due to multiple hand overs and increased time spent in handling customer situations.

The Solution - IORS

A routing engine with intelligence to help enterprises route and assign its objects to the best individual at any given point of time. Built on and easily integrated with Sales and Service Cloud objects.

Engine that can analyze and suggest an individual or a team, based on:

  • Skills
  • Availability – Business Hours, Holidays, Break
  • Workload
  • Any customer defined criteria

A service that can provide rich capabilities such as,

  • Real-time workload monitoring
  • Staff utilization & threshold breaches
  • Predictive analysis and skills-mismatch reporting
  • Follow-the-sun features for contact center
  • Alerts on over utilization
For further information please write to

For further information please write to