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Pharma: Event Management & Mobility

Preface: Customer is a large pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company. Customer has chosen Tech Mahindra to implement an Event Management Solution and enable it on iPad.

Biz Drivers

  • No support for the out of the box drag & drop functionality while creating calendar events through safari browser in iPad
  • Inability of the user to scroll through the accounts due to unavailability of the scrolling bar through Safari browser
  • Page summary pane arbitrarily visible in portrait mode and not visible in landscape mode
  • Inability to create event from standard day and week calendar


  • Configure develop & sync iPad specific interface
  • Replacing the standard page for iPad with our custom VF page
  • Custom Calendars in the Accounts and Contacts List View
  • User interface of the calendar in tune with the SFDC standard calendar
  • Modified drag &drop functionality to tap and tap hold functionality
  • Device specific script
  • Rebuilt out of box Accounts & Contacts List view page
  • Page scrolling of the list view


  • Enable the user to select a particular account from the account list while creating an event
  • Enable creation of events from day/week calendars
  • Enable Page scrolling of the list view
  • Custom day and week calendar
  • Page summary pane visible in portrait as well as in landscape.
For further information please write to

For further information please write to