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Tech mahindra

Global CRM Roll-Out for a Large Conglomerate

Preface: Customer is a large conglomerate specializing in Energy Services, Oil & Gas and Power & Water business. Customer has chosen CRM and Platform capabilities to meet their internal CRM & digitization needs.

Biz Drivers

  • Increasing obsolescence of legacy systems: unable to keep pace with dynamic business requirements
  • Gaps in automation of end-to-end business processes
  • Challenges in user adoption.
  • Enhance user’s ability to proactively manage client relationships
  • Enable management transparency to critical information


  • Re-Platforming - Migrating existing in-house applications into platform.
  • Mobility Solution Delivered - Building Greenfield Field Services capabilities on Mobile technology
  • Application Migration - Migrating Applications & processes from existing Siebel Application to
  • Implement BigMachines for product configuration and proposal generation.
  • PRM Portal implementation
  • Chatter implementation for improved collaboration across organization
  • Integration between & Legacy Systems
  • Data Migration & Transformation - Data Migration between & Legacy System


  • Analysis of implemented functionalities in
  • Consolidated & digitized Inquiry-to-order process.
  • 10% overall productivity improvement (>$20MM annually)
  • implementation will lead to 40% reduction in operational cost.
  • Rapid & Agile implementation model will help IT meet changing business needs.
  • Empowered employees with company’s own private social network—Chatter
For further information please write to

For further information please write to