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Banking: Sales & Wealth Management

Preface: A Banking Major in the UK, provides its clients with comprehensive & global wealth management services to help them make intelligent financial decisions. The Goal was to deliver an highly effective sales management solution to enable the customer to Position their extensive investment strategies for high-net-worth investors.

Biz Drivers

  • LoBs maintained their customers/prospects’ data in disparate legacy systems : difficult to collate and obtain one view of customer
  • Largely offline processes for collaboration and referrals for cross-sell between LoBs: leading to loss of leverage, opportunities and revenue
  • Non-standardization/ absence of parameters for performance tracking of investment advisors : Goal , referral, activity management and other UI enhancements missing


  • 360 Degree Customer View Enabled: Data Consolidation for customer & prospect data from disparate legacy systems
  • based Workflow Management platform across the Bank
  • Effective Referral management Solution Delivered for effective cross-sell across LoBs
  • Event/Activity module for User goal setting and tracking: standardized performance management
  • Enhanced Security & Visibility - Enabled complex and dynamic security/visibility rules


  • Agile methodology adopted led to quicker realization of business value
  • Immediate increase in User Adoption due to consolidated data, better data quality, improved UI, support for more processes (eliminating offline tasks)
  • Developed Reusable components for other projects in the Bank
  • Flexible solution and easy to customize for future business changes
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