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Solution Overview

Tech Mahindra’s GAiA is an open source-based platform to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of AI and ML models that includes development, training, management, evaluation, sharing, deployment, and monitoring of the models. It empowers data scientists to move to an AI-centric and governed process framework for producing production-grade AI/ML solutions. The heart of GAiA is the MLOps and collaboration ecosystem, where models are managed and evaluated on their ability to perform predictions on datasets that they are fed, select the best model for the job, and deploy and monitor in infrastructure-agnostic production environments.

Being infrastructure agnostic, GAiA is a complete system to package, share, license, and deploy AI models in the form of portable, containerized micro-services. GAiA Design Studio can be used to chain together multiple models developed using different toolkits, along with data translation tools, filters, and output adapters, into a complete end-to-end solution which can then be saved as a composite solution. The GAiA Marketplace catalog contains information on the licensing and execution requirements of both reusable AI models and fully integrated solutions, and this can be easily searched to make model selection a simple process.

A large part of the GAiA platform source itself is available under an OSI-approved open-source license so that any aspect or functionality can be readily adapted to new development toolkits, private data sources, data streams, custom run-time environments, and according to enterprise needs.

What We Offer


GAiA is derived from Acumos, an open-source AI platform developed by TechM and AT&T and open-sourced through the Linux Foundation. GAiA distribution will further help enterprises adopt the platform as an MLOps-based enterprise marketplace. The various services related to support, customization and realization of use cases will be provided to the community and industry at large.


GAiA is the go-to site for AI-powered decision making, with an intuitive easy-to-search, easy-to-use catalog, GAiA brings AI to the mainstream. Share, download, and deploy in a collaborative ecosystem.

Preferred Onboarding Toolkit

With our focus on interoperability, GAiA supports diverse AI toolkits. Onboarding tools are already available for TensorFlow, ScikitLearn, Pyspark, RCloud, H2O, and Java-based models.

Design Studio

Microservice encapsulation allows data transformation tools and models to be chained together to handle sophisticated problems. GAiA models are packaged for easy deployment.

Why GAiA

Enterprises can now collaborate amongst internal organizations or vendor partners by using the federation feature that will allow instances of GAiA to selectively share models that can be used to solve common business problems using common data sets.

GAiA helps you frame your business problem as an AI/ML problem and:

  • Enables your data science teams to use their favorite AI/ML toolkits to build the models
  • Onboard the models onto the GAiA platform and convert them into dockerized microservices
  • Aggregate/stitch models together for solving complex business problems
  • Test the dockerized model for performance
  • Deploy models to the production environment to churn out insights/predictions quickly

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