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Ensuring Competitive Advantage

Businesses around the globe have gone through enormous transformations post-pandemic but are struggling to keep pace with new demands. In this new age, industries face unique challenges, including cyber threats, remote workspaces, government regulations, employee shortages, partnerships, and tech support. Tech Mahindra offers solutions to improve efficiency and control costs for a competitive advantage.


Tech Mahindra BPS is an agile, customer-centric and purpose-led company delivering best-in-class technology solutions. Focusing on digital strategies, we are at the forefront of business evolution by leveraging our tech-led solutions, innovation IPs, platforms and strategic partnerships for a truly digital-first suite of offerings. Our experienced team and fine-tuned processes make us an ideal strategic partner.

Solution Highlights

Service Desk

Our 24x7 multilingual omnichannel service desk is managed by certified staff for multi-technology support, incident recording, segmenting, and analysis capability.

Technical Assistance Center

Our 24/7 AI-enabled technical assistance (L1 – L3) is multilingual and includes incident and ticket management, helpdesk support, and more.

Supply Chain

We offer supply chain solutions that provide consistent customer value by delivering products and services at the right price.

Finance and Accounting

We enable businesses to optimize their financial plan through strategy, vendor management, cost-benefit analysis, accounting, consulting, order management, and more.


We provide solutions across the entire value chain of data collection/survey, data processing, enterprise GIS implementations, and data analytics.


We offer data optimization by focusing on analytics and providing next-gen digital platforms, big data, hybrid architectures, IoT, and more.

Digital Business Operations

We combine automated content generation, image tagging, and workflow technologies into a single AI-powered platform.

Customer Experience

We deliver a competitive advantage using digital strategies across channels to provide a broader network experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

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