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Geographic information system is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing spatial data. Companies and governments trying to leverage GIS need resources with expertise, spanning field data collection and survey, data annotation, data digitization, data migration, application development, enterprise GIS implementations, spatial analytics, and AI/ML solutions which TechM BPS offers.


Solution Offering

Pioneering Data Solutions for a Connected World
  • 20+ years of GIS experience with top mapping and technology companies
  • Ability to collect and upload several terabytes of data each day
  • 35 million+ kilometers driven, 18 million+ links coded, 80 million+ attributes coded, 30 million+ point of interest (POIs) verified
  • Partnerships with top satellite technology, LiDAR capture equipment companies and logistics companies to enable efficient data collection
  • Proven experience in delivering AI/ML based automations to different global customers
  • SMEs with experience in complete GIS value chains deliver continuous improvements every year to customers

Our Services

Spatial Data Services
  • Street view data collection
  • Field data operations and point of interest (POI)
  • OSM conflation
  • Data cleansing and work order posting
  • Satellite image processing
  • Data QA/QC services
  • Digital ortho rectification
  • Data integration, spatial data conversion, modelling
  • GIS business study, GIS Implementation
  • Technology evaluation, system upgrades
  • Application and data migration strategy
  • Business system integration strategy
  • Project management, implementation, and training
AI/ML Solutions
  • Asset management
  • Design engineering
  • Vegetation management
Spatial Analytics
  • Mapping data quality analytics
  • Location analytics
  • Pattern and map cluster analytics
Operations/Maintenance Support
  • Operational process support
  • Remote management services
  • Application/product maintenance and system support
Design and Implementation
  • Customized GIS data models
  • Custom application development, deployment, and user training
  • Integration with the existing business systems

Leading the Way

Digital Twins and Metaverse in Defense Surveillance


Digital Twins and Metaverse in Defense Surveillance

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