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Driving Action with Data

Capital investment solution(C360) builds in-depth customer relationships and enables an omnichannel view of customers, dependents, and partners.More

Capital investment solution(C360) builds in-depth customer relationships and enables an omnichannel view of customers, dependents, and partners.
The financial services industry is in the midst of a profound transformation as it embraces modernized technology to support the digitization of its businesses' front and back ends. By adopting a more data-driven approach and platform innovations, we’re seeing growing demand for tools that allow financial professionals to utilize data insights to provide personalized products and services for their customers and partners.

Business Challenges
  • Lack of integrated transaction experience due to outdated legacy banking applications such as core banking systems and wealth product recommendation engines. 
  • Need for inclusive and connected banking experiences for all audiences. 
  • Lack of insights from social channels to capture customers’ digital persona, sentiments, and user behaviors. 
  • Missed opportunities to track customers' life events and considerations across all channels to provide personalized experiences.
Leveraging Data to Drive Success

Our capital investment solution digitizes traditional legacy financial applications such as core banking systems, wealth advisory engines, and partner ecosystems to bring data into the C360 application. This capital investment solution operates on an insight-driven decision-making process to predict customers’ needs to develop tailor-made pitches for financial products and increase the likelihood of sales.

Additionally, our solution finds hidden opportunities within your financial data for potential opportunities with customers, dependents, friends, and partners for financial planning and financial product setup.

Enhancing Your Decision Making With Powerful Features

Social Media Integration

Integrates with social media platforms to understand the digital personas of your customers and their financial holdings, liabilities, retirement planning, and life events.

Data Analytics

Applies analytics onto the financial data for well-informed decision making.

Marketing Campaigns

Enables execution of targeted marketing campaigns.

Channel Recommendations

Leverages insights to choose appropriate communication channels for engaging with prospects.

Transforming Your Business with Unique Benefits

Omni-channel System

Enhance IT systems within financial institutions through omni-channels for agents and business relationship managers, and enable seamless cross-sales.

Customer Segmentation

Provide segmentation of customer demographics based on behavioral analysis and family events.

Increased ROI

Grow revenue opportunities for the financial Institutions.

Improved Efficiency

Raise efficiency for relationship managers and agents as they get to know customers, their families, and partners.

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