Oil and Gas
With our AI-first approach, we can help manage disruption in Hydrocarbon value chain and enable organisations to transition to innovative operating models


Oil & Gas industry has always been sensitive to low oil prices and today with the distressed demand and oversupply state of affairs, the sector is in continuous pressure to reduce its operating expenses. These unprecedented disruptions forcing companies to alter their operating model and also their investment strategy. AI has the potential to transform Clients' business and enable large improvement in performances metrics. AI will play a major role in managing this radical change and enabling a smooth transition to newer business models.

Industry Gap


  • It’s difficult for the upstream sector to collate the huge volume (e.g. seismic 2D lines & 3D volumes), variety (e.g. petro physical data) and high frequency of data(e.g. real time drilling data) generated& presentablein a more intuitive format and more importantly having minimum lag time
  • AI can help in the process of digitization of Petro technical data (maps, well logs and various reports) lying in physical form in warehouses or in disparate storage drives resulting in data visibility and faster categorization and usage of the said data
  • Present approaching drilling and production operations to make key decisions are more reactive which often lead to enhanced Non Productive Time (NPT) in drilling and increase in production deferment. AI can help to break the operational silos and turn it into more predictive kind of decision making process

Downstream & Midstream

  • Present refinery planning process contingency does not take historical market data, events, and predictive models of plant condition into account, which leads to a huge gap between planned and actual GRM
  • Excel-based manual monitoring does not predict system performance degradation from high energy cost due to fouling
  • Optimization of revenue is a challenge with traditional pricing mechanism which lacks consumer centric data

Service Offerings

Our AI service offerings include

Exploration & Production
  • Drilling performance optimization – Multivariate, Multidimensional, Stochastic analytics
  • NPT Reduction: ROP Optimization using well-to-well correlations
  • Well Advisor based on NLP
  • Well Cost Optimizer
  • Digitization of well log& regenerating missing log curves
  • Predicting the ‘Time to Failure’ of the Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Managing well integrity - tubing failure prediction & corrosion inhibitor optimization
  • Early warning system for hurricane and evacuation of offshore crew
  • Drones for offshore platform inspection
  • Indexing seismic data files and seismic section images for improving search ability
  • Neural Networks & Monte Carlo Simulation to move Refinery Planning from deterministic GRM to probabilistic GRM
  • Maximum Possible Production– Refinery and Petrochemical
  • Heat Exchanger Fouling Prediction – Example Crude Preheater
  • Defining the Operating envelope of Cracked gas Compressor / Centrifugal Compressor failure prediction - Cracked Gas Compressor for Ethylene Plant
  • Crude Assay Prediction using AI
  • Ethylene Furnace Yield Optimization
  • Desalter Efficiency Improvement
  • Image / Video Analytics for Unsafe acts and practices
Retail & Marketing B2B, B2C
  • Retail Marketing Analytics
  • Retail planning and demand management
  • Retail Dynamic Pricing
  • Churn Analysis
  • Affinity Analysis
  • Lubricant Traceability & Product Authentication
  • Additives Optimization AI Tool
  • AI-enabled Lubes Scheduling
  • Lubricant business model disruption from Product sale to Services
  • AI-enabled Social Media Analytics

Solutions and Benefits

  • Solutions
  • Benefits

    While the upstream sector generates huge volume, variety and high frequency of data about production, it was difficult to factor in such data to optimize performance. Our model for drilling performance optimization leverages the power of AI to reduce NPT and increase production from optimal well placement, through efficient and standardized reproduction of the scattered data.


    The present refinery planning process does not input relevant historical market data, which presents a huge gap in planned and actual GRM. Our AI first solution helps take into account relevant factors like contingency, events and refinery condition for input to Aspen PIMS (trusted planning software solution for optimizing operations). This helps refineries achieve a probabilistic GRM with confidence level and predict cash flow better.


    Heat exchanger fouling increases energy cost and tube failure risk while dependency on manual monitoring hampers availability. Our AI based fouling prediction model records heat exchanger cleaning records and other variables to minimize energy loss and product slippage through timely alerts. The intervention also helps improve availability.


    Traditional pricing mechanism lacks a customer centric approach and ignores applicable consumer buying behavior. Our Retail Dynamic Pricing Model uses AI to take demand into the model and compute optimal fuel cost for retail. This presents the customer with an incentive to save on fuel bills while businesses get insights to plan for the future and increase profits.


    Achieve optimization of NPT by 8-10% and drilling cost variance by 5-10% as well as increase production with optimal well placement


    Leverage contingency, past pattern and refinery condition for input to Aspen PIMS; Gain probabilistic GRM and improve GRM potential, in addition, to help predict cash flow better


    Minimize energy cost in refinery by about 30%. Aid in the reduction of product slippage/loss and avoiding tube ruptures from localized heating by timely intervention


    Optimize revenue by 10-12%, reduce the cost of operation and improve profitability by 1-2%. Customer can save on fuel bills and added incentives & business gains insights to plan ahead

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