GRC services enable clients in effective Corporate Governance, mitigating enterprise level Risk and meet regulatory Compliance requirements

Service Offerings

We offers services to clients on the below domains:

  • KYC
    • Customer Due Diligence
    • Enhanced Due Diligence
    • Watch list Filtering
    • Customer Risk Rating
  • AML Transaction Monitoring
    • Suspicious Activity Monitoring
    • Real Time Transaction Monitoring
    • Integrated case management
    • CTR Processing & Automation
  • Fraud Risk
    • Fraud Monitoring & Analysis
    • Real Time Financial Event Monitoring
    • AI based Fraud Management
    • Fraud & AML Integration
    • Case Management

Credit Risk

  • Implementation of Basel II /III credit risk measures
  • Policy Design and Framework development – Assessment, Design & Implementation of risk frameworks
  • Economic Capital Modelling
  • Bespoke model development – Development of Loss forecasting models, PD, LGD, EAD and scorecard models
  • RWA estimation & optimization
  • Collateral and Exposure Management. Collateral Optimization
  • Counter party credit risk management – estimation of CVA, DVA, FVA
  • Valuation under IFRS 13 Fair value rules
  • Stress Testing under CCAR, DFAST, PRA guidelines

Market Risk

  • Market risk model development – value at risk models, pricing models, etc.
  • ALM framework development and implementation
  • Interest rate risk measurement & monitoring
  • Fund Transfer Pricing
  • Derivative valuation services
  • Independent Price Verification Services
  • Model Risk management and Validation services
  • Regulatory and ALCO reporting

Liquidity Risk

  • LCR, NSFR calculation & reporting
  • Liquidity framework implementation and review
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Bank Run off model development
  • Exposure management
  • Risk Dashboard development
  • Review of asset quality
  • Real time view of asset holding, exposure and liability

Risk BI and Analytics

  • Risk Data management
  • AI and ML enabled Risk monitoring & Reporting services
  • Gap analysis and processes reengineering
  • Report automation
  • Risk system – Requirements, system /vendor selection, implementation, UAT, post implementation support
  • Model Validation Services
  • Scenario development and Stress Testing
  • Ready to plug in -Prebuilt Dashboards, reporting templates and KPI lists – I Decisions

Assets and Liabilities Management (ALM)

  • Currency Risk management
  • ALCO & Regulatory Reports
  • Liquidity Risk management
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Duration Analysis
  • Maturity Gap Analysis
  • Simulation & VaR
  • Behavioral Cash Flow Analysis

Regulatory Compliance

  • BASEL 3/ 4
  • Volcker 2.0
  • CCAR
  • SR 11-7
  • FRTB
  • Output Floor
  • CVA
  • Stress Testing


  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Operational risk
  • IT GRC
  • Vendor Risk Management (VRM)


Representative Solutions and Accelerators offered by us:

Future Age Risk Analytics and Insights

Tech Mahindra uses an AI powered Model risk management platform to address the key challenges in the model validation and monitoring systems.

The major challenges that the banks are facing in model management are:

  • Proliferation in regulatory regime - Stress testing, CCAR, IFRS 9, CECL, IRB, IRRBB, BASEL 3
  • Manageability & Governance - Highly fragment data, information storage, lack of automation leading to model risk & governance challenges
  • High Cost of operation - Exponential increase in number of models resulted into a significant increase in cost of model validation and monitoring
  • Increased Regulatory Risk - Frequent manual errors, delays & inadequate documentation resulting into noncompliance to SR 11/7 & other relevant regulations

Using AI, we address the issues using the four-point approach of Model Inventory and Tier-ing, Data Insights, Monitoring & Validation and Documentation & Reporting. Thereby improving the client’s experience in below ways:

  • Efficiency gain across overall model management cycle
  • Model Validation and model monitoring efficiency improvement
  • Regulatory Reporting efficiency improvement

Regulatory Risk framework and automation

We offer a comprehensive regulatory reporting framework with automation leveraging our RPA accelerators.

Banks are facing stringent timeline to be compliant with latest regulatory norms and regulations and are looking for solution that can tackle below issues:

  • Legacy data quality issue and data disparity and fragmentation
  • Evolving Regulatory Requirement
  • Data Lineage and data definition across system and businesses
  • High cost of operations

Below is the list of sample RPA accelerators for achieving an automated risk reporting framework:

  • RPA Business Case Modeller
  • Role Analyser
  • Activity Analyser
  • Time & Motion Analysis tool
  • Process Capture
  • Process Heat Maps
  • Process System Matrix
  • FTE Saving Calculator
  • Structured Questionnaire

With our offering, clients get the below benefits:

  • Reduction in cost and time
  • Reduction in data quality issues
  • Possibility of reclaiming certain finance activities from offshore
  • ROI in months
  • Regulator Experience Improvement

Fraud Risk Management

a. Fraud Risk Management using AI

Ever evolving nature of the Fraud Risk poses the following pain points for clients:

  • Evolving Fraud techniques
  • Elevating Fraud Losses
  • High False Positives
  • Customer Friction

We use the AI tools for data engineering of Historical events and use the information for exception report generation for real time transactions.

Sample services offered by us are:

  • Model Creation - R, Python
  • Model Interpretability
  • Model Testing
  • Model Deployment – Hosted/ On Premise
  • Data Integration

With our Fraud Risk Management using AI solutions, clients get following benefits:

  • Reduced fraud loss
  • False positive reduction
  • Addresses evolving frauds

b. Behavioral Biometrics for Authentication to combat Identity fraud

New studies have shown a rise in Frauds as a result of stolen identity, Mobile Malware attack, etc. In light of the onslaught of data breaches, a password-based approach for security is no longer a secured option. Hence, we offer Behavioural Biometrics for Authentication to combat Identity fraud.

It used the below addition level of identity assurance for Fraud Detection and Prevention:

  • Human Behavioural pattern
  • Post transaction forensic analysis
  • Continuous Authentication
  • Risk Based Authentication
  • Similarity Score

The solution emphasizes on Multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is a must for Fraud Management and uses Risk based Adaptive Authentication by pairing PIN, Password, Cars Access, past transaction, Location, Account etc.

The solution offers Flexibility in identifying frauds from varying identity theft, at the same time offering the client’s customers an incremental convenience in transactions. It increases the overall security and efficiency for the client.


a. KYC as a Service and Automation

Our KYC as a Service offering revolves around people, process and technology. We use our deep knowledge and ready to deploy SME’s for defining operating models, 24*7 coverage, better risk management and customer interaction.

Below are the few pain points in KYC flow that a client experiences in its workflow:

  • High On boarding time
  • KYC Checklist Generation
  • Customer drift during onboarding
  • SME time for policy interpretation
  • Large Ops team

We provide following remedies as solution:

  • Design KYC operating model with focus on automation (using AI / RPA) capabilities
  • Using Lean and DT to drive redefined customer experience and improved onboarding KPIs
  • Solution handles bulk remediation efforts with better transparency and consistency of results
  • Identification and tracking of key metrics is used to steer enhancement initiatives

With our KYC as a Service and Automation solutions, clients get following benefits:

  • Reduce on boarding time
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Reduction in KYC operations costs

b. KYC ID&V Monitor and BO unwrapping

For Banks coming up with the accurate requirements for KYC is a huge challenge and that is also evident from the long onboarding time for the corporate customer.

KYC ID&V Monitor and BO unwrapping solution integrates the existing process and rules. Solution has following components:

  • Configuration Studio – Simple interface for Policy Owners with audit trail
  • API connectivity to data sources such as DNB BVD etc.
  • API connectivity into On boarding System, CBS, other repositories
  • Document checklist generation using Periodic & Trigger Review checklist
  • RPA/AI enabled document validations

Our offering helps the client in achieving the below goals:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience & RM productivity, multiple language support
  • Reduced on-boarding time
  • New on boarding and periodic review checklist
  • Customized checklist for each customer, beneficial owners, controllers, connected parties
  • Validated customer documents
  • Triggers next step in on-boarding based on validated documents

Accelerators – iDecision framework

iDecisions™ Risk Intelligence framework is a well-designed Business Intelligence framework and risk data mart, for better credit risk analysis which covered risk management at a group wide level across corporate and retail businesses and all credit products.

iDecisions™ will cover various credit process subject areas such as exposure, delinquency & collateral as well as provided provisions for many future requirements such as to include Bank customers, treasury products, collections, recovery data etc.

Value Additions - Gap analysis templates for various regulator led risk reporting requirements, BI reports, KPI list, Out of the Box Regulatory reports.

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