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Tech Mahindra BPS is a vertical specialist with over 20 years of experience managing contact centers and providing retail business consulting services using Next Generation platform solutions and automation. Our expertise in retail has translated into organizations' success globally. We have handled over 100 million end customers for Retail global giants, promising

retail digital transformation
360 degree view of customer interactions
CSAT & FCR enhancement of over 21%
Increase up-sell by 20% by leveraging cross channel synergy
Peak staffing flexibility of 400% with minimal impact on AHT and CSAT
Solutions designed to cut manpower costs by over 17%
Universal agent strategy increasing productivity by 40%

Why TechM BPS Retail Digital Transformation?

Our retail business consulting services focus on transforming Contact Center operations for Retailers across the globe for over 20 years and handled over 100 million end customers through:
Demand reduction

Reduce contacts and workload by:

  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Universal agent strategy
  • Process re-engineering
  • Self-help – IVR, VIVR, Chatbots
  • Digital channel and social media
Cost for quality approach
  • Scalable global support model
  • Skin-in-game approach with service commitments
Continuous improvement in CX

Delivering value to customers by:

  • Enhancing Quality
  • Training
  • WFM / Reporting
  • Analytics

Transition from a cost center to revenue center thorugh:

  • Feedback management
  • Billing management
  • Churn/retention management
  • Campaign management
  • Fraud management

Our Partners

  • Second-largest big-box retailer in the US
  • A leading parent company with 13 dynamic, E-commerce retail brands in the US
  • A multinational electronic commerce company in the US
  • A leading Canadian apparel retail business group
  • A leading department store chain in the US
  • A leading chain of retail home improvement and appliance stores in the US
  • A leading British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer
  • A leading electronic commerce company in India

Success Stories

retail business consulting
7.8% increase in with RPA and Training

The client, operating out of 1800+ stores across the US, had a large number of dissatisfied offline customers.

TechM BPS implemented RPA to improve satisfaction metrics and delivered 7.8% increase in CSAT and 19% improvement in NPS through PEP.

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Live to Rise

Retail & CPG Consulting
Neat Evaluation for TechM - CX Services in Retail & CPG

Nelson Hall recognized Tech Mahindra as a Leader in the Overall Retail & CPG segment.

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Leading the Way

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