Travel, Transportation & Logistics
Tech Mahindra’s Data & Analytics practice helps TTL industries to Run Better, Change Faster & Grow Greater in this Connected World by providing a Connected Experience

Data and Analytics for Travel, Transportation & Logistics

The travel, transportation, logistics and hospitality industries are undergoing unprecedented change. Globalization, deregulation, consolidation, rapid growth of e-commerce & privatization are opening new opportunities.

As experiential spending, on recreation, travel and eating out, trends up. The ability to deliver an exemplary experience is the new competitive battleground across industries, governments, and domains, and requires a new form of intelligence called Connected Consumer Intelligence. In today’s evolving Travel & Logistics (TL) domains, operational performance and profitability is the need of the hour. Data-driven, predictive operational excellence is an important driving factor and has the hidden potential of bringing in disruptive growth.

Customer centricity, with an aim to strengthen the loyalty of today’s highly mobile, technologically savvy consumers, takes center-stage. Transformation of organizations, enhancement of global brands and addition of game-changing digital capabilities with the customer at heart will be key.

Partner with us to Run Better, Change Faster & Grow Greater in this Connected World by providing a Connected Experience. Our Big Bets for your success are:

SMART Modernization harnesses the potential of systems across the business spectrum. It encompasses Documentation as a Service (accelerates the discovery & documentation of hidden logic by up to 50%)| API Enablement (modernizes legacy systems in days instead of months)| (Tool Based) Re-Engineering (reduces migration cost by 30%)|Data Migration| Cloud Enablement.

Connected Travel 4.0 (Smart Airport, Hotels, Maritime)

Next gen services like virtual assistants, customer, operations 360, smart traffic, energy management, asset health monitoring are improving customer experience, maximizing top & bottom lines.

Rail Health Informatics

This has enabled the move from reactive (scheduled, break-fix) to proactive (condition-based, preventive) maintenance - historical records combined with real-time data from field devices enhance predictability & give early warnings of asset failures.

Connected Logistics (freight, vehicles, warehouses & intelligent customs brokerage), brings together the benefit of IoT & digital technologies (AR/VR, RPA, advanced analytics, cognitive intelligence), through real-time visibility & actionable insights. Smart logistics is driving frictionless fulfillment through improvements across Transportation Planning & Execution, Fleet Administration & Optimization, Warehouse & Inventory Control and Labor/Workforce Management. Visibility software integrates all data sources into a single version of truth. Linking of external and internal systems supports operational information sharing. Network collaboration - vertical (supplier – customer), horizontal (3PL & competitors) leads to a streamlined & sustainable supply chain, facilitates planning, real-time alerts, agile decision-making. Promised delivery date, electronic tracking, arrival & delivery statuses - product traceability has enhanced supply chain efficiency, allowed customers to regain control of an erstwhile chaotic process.


With the agility of a start-up & maturity of a behemoth, our TTLH service offering has delivered compelling benefits

  • Data load enhanced from 450 to 2500+ flights / day through data warehouse implementation for a major Australian airline. 100+ gaps fixed, high data quality ensured (via data miss, exception capture solution.)
  • Movement of trains optimized – a unique real-time railroad network-planning tool encompasses railroad capacity, train schedules, topology and conducts movement planning (MP) analytics.
  • $3 million saved for a US railroad major - accurate (95%) estimation of monthly traffic avoided losses, on account of excessive payment of advance toll.
  • Opportunity conversion rate improved from 7% to 15% for one of India’s most trusted vacation ownership brands. Advanced statistical techniques predict the likelihood of a prospect turning into a sales lead with 80% accuracy.
  • $180,000 / year in mainframe MIPS cost saved for a leading N. American railroad firm (that operates 4k trains across 32k miles.) The enterprise-grade operational planning application saved not only cost but also time (reduced latency to minutes.)
  • 13 million AUD in savings accrued for an Australian railroad firm (that operates 2300 trains daily) through decommissioning of loss-making services. Enterprise data warehouse implementation, permitted data-backed decisions and reduced report generation time from 15 days to minutes.
  • End - end performance time of < 2 secs achieved for real-time predictive analytics from IoT sensors through data intake automation, re-usable streaming framework for kafka. LAMBDA architecture design adopted facilitated both real-time and batch-based data use requirements.

Services – Travel, Transportation, & Logistics

Data Visualization (Reporting As-a-Service)
  • Consulting: Blue-printing, Assessment, Tech Selection
  • End-End Implementation
  • Migrations & Upgrades
  • AMS: Production Support
  • Technical Trainings, Industry specific Pilots
Data Modelling (As-a-Service)
  • Conceptual
  • Entity Relationship
  • Dimensional
  • iDecisions: Tech Agnostic
  • Industry standard Models
Data Engineering & Ops (ETL As-a-Service)
  • Data Cleansing & Standardization
  • Technical & Business Metadata Management
  • Upgrades, Ops Support, Managed Services
  • Business Rule Framework
  • Data Reconciliation Utility


  • PRISM – verticalized for Travel, Logistics, Hospitality
    • Provides for better Digital Brand Management for Hotels-Restaurants
    • Encompasses locomotive health monitoring, wayside diagnosis solutions for Railways
    • End-end platform for Smart Airports (when coupled with an optimization engine)
    • Operations 360 – analytics for Logistic Service Providers
    • Insight as a service, customer 360 across sub-sectors (integrated BI & predictive analytics)
  • iDecisions – a BI framework, IP of Tech Mahindra - Customization friendly, open analytic application that
    • Incorporates industry best practices in KPIs - provides bird’s-eye view of the health of the organization with integrated reports (multiple drill down options for RCA)
    • Pre-built analytical templates, dashboards and processes developed by SMEs - CXO dashboard for Airlines available on cloud & integrated with mobile devices
    • Models airline data for revenue management, passenger, cargo, operational, sales, loyalty, market intelligence
    • Encompasses application engines that maximizes route profitability, market share, ROI sales & marketing campaign effectiveness, customer lifetime value | minimizes Maintenance – Repair – Overhaul(MRO) cost
    • Tracks revenues - expenses, monitors arrival – departure delays, employee attrition and customer escalations
    • Has an NMAC Dashboard that improves scanning & alerts pilots to near mid-air collisions
  • UDMF (Unified Data Management Framework) - has end-end reliable, repeatable & reusable Data Migration capabilities
    • Resolves data integration challenges through Master Data Management for Travel (Airlines)
    • Consolidates customer master data from different channels such as Direct Sales (Direct Walk In, Phone Call), Online Sales (through website), Travel Agent and Corporate Sales (B2B)
  • SCM analytics on cloud – SCOR compliant analytical framework for Travel (airlines) & Logistics, powered by iDecisions
    • Reports critical event KPIs in real time - Empowers passenger, operational, revenue, cost, loyalty, claims, financial, MRO, carbon & fuel intelligence for Airlines
    • Facilitates knowledge-based decision making across business units of an Airline - Identifies the most profitable customers, assesses promotional campaigns, maximizes route profitability, improves cargo handling, forecasts growth, reduces passenger churn, creates a more efficient business model
    • Provides end-end (planning, procurement, production, warehouse, logistics & sales) supply chain visibility
    • Performs cost allocation using consolidated financial data from accounting and travel booking systems
    • Increases demand & supply forecast accuracy by 5-10% - mitigates supply chain risk, enhances operational efficiency
    • Reduces out-of-stock & over stock scenarios by 10-15% - increases bottom-line
    • Offers the right service to customers - Builds and grows profitable relationships
    • Reacts quickly to competitor’s offerings – facilitates agile response to market trends
  • Infowise – Hortonworks certified RunOps specialist that handshakes static & run-time metadata. It brings BI & IT RunOps governance together, monitors – automates – transforms – optimizes - innovates - modernizes IT operations with ML, cognitive insights, real-time tracking of streaming data.
    • Automates RCA. Diagnostic capability with traceability for incidents & errors
    • Predicts completion time of a business process across a technology landscape. Alerts basis predicted SLA
    • Provisions for pattern identification among various BI processes for proactive performance improvement
  • Key Features
  • Business Benefits
  • iDecisions

    Industry-standard, customizable, scalable, modular technology-agnostic solution to jump-start analytical needs with an industry-compliant data model & TTLH KPIs

  • InfoWise™

    AI enabled solution that aids in Enterprise BI Governance leveraging ML and Cognitive Insights, in a Hybrid BI eco-system

  • PRISM™ (Predictive Insights from Tech Mahindra)

    A comprehensive collaboration platform empowering Self-service predictive analytics

  • Supply-chain Analytics on Cloud

    450+ KPIs, 100+ pre-built Reports, 8 role-based Dashboards with Pre-built Functional Adaptors across Procurement-Production-Sales-Logistics-Warehouse-planning-Inventory-Spend

  • iDecisions

    1. 20% Reduction in Time to Value
    2. Lowering TCO for comprehensive BI Implementations

  • InfoWise™

    1. 50-70% improvement in support quality
    2. 20-30% reduction in annual OPEX
    3. 60% optimization in Troubleshooting

  • PRISM™ (Predictive Insights from Tech Mahindra)

    1. 30% reduction in Analytics delivery cycle
    2. Accelerates realization of Data-Value

  • Supply-chain Analytics on Cloud

    1. Enables upto 30% Savings in Time, Effort & Cost. Reduction in CAPEX, OPEX & overall SCM Cost
    2. Optimizes Freight & Asset Utilization

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