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Governance, risk, and compliance within financial services are essential and have seen renewed interest from regulators worldwide because of past financial markets that impacted the economy and were not limited to the BFSI sector.

Tech Mahindra assists clients in effective corporate governance, mitigating enterprise-level risk, and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Our Services

Advisory and Transformation

We act as advisors to help firms transit through the transformation phase to reach long-term targets.

Data Advisory and Management

We offer clients multiple solutions for data advisory and management practices to achieve their target data state.

Application Development and Support

Our ODCs (Offshore Development Centers) and other centers offer complete application development and implementation facilities. We provide a quick transition from a legacy development technique to an AGILE framework.

Product Implementation, Testing, and Support

Our wide range of partnerships offers products that meet the client's ever-changing requirements and complete ownership of implementation, testing, and post-implementation support.

Risk Modeling and Validation

We offer state-of-the-art solutions that use AI and ML in risk modeling and validation tools.

Process and Operation Outsourcing

We offer a large pool of global professional resources with a deep understanding of banking and financial products, processes, and operations.

Representative Solutions and Accelerators

Financial Crime Solutions
  • Coverage of critical KYC/AML ops processes
  • AI/ML-based automation in KYC/AML processes
  • AML and fraud risk implementation services for leading vendor partners
  • AI/ML-powered AML and fraud risk solutions from leading partners
  • False positive reduction using AI/ML
  • KYC checklist and UBO
  • Tax compliance
Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, and Reporting
  • Credit, market, and operations risk
  • Liquidity risk, ALM, and FTP
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Risk analytics
  • Robust regulatory reporting framework
  • Scalable and flexible solution to support ad-hoc requirements
  • Strong data quality framework
  • Automation capability
  • Integrated platform for a single version of the truth
Integrated GRC Across 3 Lines Of Defense
  • Standardized and automated operational risk reporting
  • Built trust and confidence with the board - leading to better risk decision-making
  • Built trust and confidence with the regulators from real-time and accurate data
  • Increased engagement with the first LOD
  • Increased issue tracking speed and agility
Financial Risk Modeling
  • AI-powered model risk management platform
  • Model inventory and tiering
  • Data Insights, documentation, and reporting
  • Validations and monitoring
  • 50%+ efficiency gain across the overall model management cycle
Enterprise Security Risk Management
  • Compliance automation and operations management
  • ISO 27001, SOX and SOC 2, GDPR, and CCPA compliance
  • BCP/DR readiness, planning, and implementation
  • Cyber security assessments and cyber recovery solutions
  • CISO-as-a-service
  • IT GRC
  • Vendor risk management (VRM)
ESG and Climate Risk
  • Climate risk consulting
  • Climate risk data services
  • Risk framework redesign
  • Risk model development and validation
  • Stress testing and regulatory disclosures
  • Climate risk data management
  • ESG data services
iDecision framework
  • iDecisions™ risk intelligence framework is a well-designed business intelligence framework and risk data mart for better credit risk analysis, which covers risk management at a group-wide level.
  • iDecisions™ will cover various credit process subject areas, such as exposure, delinquency, and collateral, and provide provisions for future requirements, including bank customers, treasury products, collections, recovery data, and more.
  • iDecisions™ includes gap analysis templates for various regulator-led risk reporting requirements, including BI reports, KPI lists, and out-of-box regulatory reports.

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