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Tech Mahindra believes in nurturing talent and ideas that are consumer driven. As part of that strategy, Tech Mahindra has been constantly investing in Technologies that are expected to lead innovations of tomorrow. Some of the Technologies that we are driving today as part of our Centre of Excellences (CoEs) are:

The Wi-Fi offload solution from Tech Mahindra addresses the challenges faced by operators and enables them to build and deploy an industry standard, fully functional and high capacity carrier Wi-Fi offload solutions for both 3G & 4G networks. The solution can be customized and deployed in a variety of scenarios addressing the challenges related to capacity, scalability and performance. The solution can scale up to support one million subscribers and has been designed from the ground up to support high availability (HA) and allows the customers to deploy it on either Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) or on specialized Hardware and Middleware platforms or on a commodity hardware with software based (on Intel DPDK) data path.


  • 3GPP Release 11 compliant
  • Seamless data roaming between 3G/4G & Wi-Fi
  • Up to 1 million subscribers can be supported
  • Supports 16K WLAN access points per gateway
  • Subscriber QoS management for data path
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) support
  • Intel DPDK based highly scalable data path
  • Security – 802.11i and 802.1X (EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA) compliant
  • High availability: 1:1 hot swappable redundancy for control plane
  • Centralized OA&M: alarm and event notification, extensive statistics and reporting
  • External interfaces supported: Gn, S2a, STa, L2 over GRE and local breakout


  • Capacity improvement
  • Coverage extension
  • Improved customer experience
  • Cost effective
  • Revenue enhancement

Traditionally, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) have focused on manufacturing feature-rich, high capacity and scalable carrier-grade equipment to address the heavy signaling and bearer plane loads expected to be seen at the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) serving macro networks. However, there exist multiple deployment scenarios where the data rates and latency provided by LTE are expected, but the overall traffic volumes are significantly lower. Examples of such scenarios include public safety, defense, rural networks, and enterprise/campus networks. Deploying traditional EPC network elements such as the MME and S/PGW is overkill and often cost-prohibitive given the size and scale required for these niche deployment scenarios.

To address these situations, Tech Mahindra has created an "EPC Application Framework" solution based which offers TEMs an ideal solution to augment their product portfolio with a powerful offering that effectively supports multiple niche deployment scenarios.

Salient differentiators of our EPC Application Framework solution include:

  • Built on the industry’s leading integrated system – ATCA: The solution is built on a fully-integrated system which includes ATCA hardware and Tech Mahindra EPC applications
  • Optimized for Compute and Packet Processing multi-core processors: The ATCA blades on the EPC Application Framework include an ATCA-XE50 featuring a dual six-core Intel Xeon processor for the MME and the ATCA-PP50 featuring a dual NetLogic XLR for the S/P-GW applications
  • Industry’s most powerful 10G and 40G system: The hardware includes best-in-class 10G components including PP5x/PPM20, FM40/SCM3, XE80/CPM7 and 40G components including PP8x/PPM40, SCM5, XE80/XE100/CPM9
  • Industry Leading Stack on both sides of the interface: The solution is based on industry-leading LTE stacks with proven interoperability and simulation capability on either side of the network
  • Applications and Services from Tech Mahindra: The LTE applications are developed by Tech Mahindra, having experience in developing/sustaining products for leading TEMs as well as integrating network elements with OSS/BSS systems deployed by operators worldwide.
  • Scalability and Redundancy: While not every niche network deployment needs to be highly scalable and reliable, the solution offers scalable deployment platform options to meet the needs of different network types and growth needs.
Small (10-40G)
Mid-Size (40-100G)
Large (80-200G)
40G backplane
300W per slot, AC/DC
40G backplane
SH61B w/ integral base switch
300W per slot, AC/DC
ATCA-SH141 & SH143
40G backplane
300W per slot
13U DC, AC power option
Scalable Configurations for EPC Application Framework

Key Features

This is a representative list and Tech Mahindra has a complete roadmap defined for further developing the feature set.

Capacity and Performance

The Carrier Ethernet Solution is a full-fledged mobile solution built on PMC-Sierra WINPATH3 solution and is a chipset / silicon independent solution. Our current project highlight is the Design and Development of Carrier Ethernet Platform 100 (CEP-100), a Carrier Ethernet Aggregator (MPLS-TP based) - a Pizza Box solution based on PMC-Sierra SoC ‘WinPath3’.

Features of our solution:



802.1Q - Virtual Bridging MPLS-TP Static Provisioning : RFC 5291, RFC 4448 (dry Martini)
802.1 ad- Provider Bridging MPLS-TP OAM Provisioning, (draft-ietf-mpls-tp-oam-framework-11.txt)
Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP) BFD on MPLS-TP Tunnel: RFC 5880,RFC5884
Multi Instance spanning tree protocol (MSTP) VPLS - Configuration & Learning
Ethernet Ring Protection - G.8032 VPWS Configuration
ETH-OAM - CFM (802.1ag) 802.1ag(CFM) over VPLS and CFM over VPWS
ETH-OAM - EFM (802.3ah) Y.1731 SLM and DM over VPLS and VPWS
Y.1731 Delay Measurement over VLAN Y.1731 MPLS-TP LPBK: draft-bhh-mpls-tp-oam-y1731-08
Y.1731 Loss Measurement over VLAN MPLS-TP APS: draft-zulr-mpls-tp-linear-protection-switching-06.txt
IGMP Snooping QoS on MPLS tunnel, Psedouwire
MLD Snooping Configuration for CES (TDM over PW):RFC 4553
Static LAG and Dynamic LAG (Y.1731) Configuration of Tunnel Delay measurement and Loss measurement
Link aggregation Control protocol MPLS-TP Spring (G.8132)
802.1p QoS
1588 PTP

Key benefits:

  • Fully integrated single card Pizza-Box kind of Solution which could be used for any kind of data aggregation to Packet Transport Network.
  • Availability of the entire product design for licensed manufacturing.
  • Ready to license individual components and subsystems too.
  • Portability to any target platform based on customer requirements.

Tech Mahindra’s Smart Network management System (NMS) is a Customizable Management solution for Multi-Vendor, Multi-Technology and Software Defined Networks that constantly monitors and notifies the administrator of any outages via email, SMS or other alarms. Smart NMS supports full FCAPS (fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security).

  • Front End: Web Client based GUI with Security & User Management
  • Back-End: Mediation, common data model & FCAPS applications
  • SBI Adapters: Multiple technology adapters for SBI integrations
Smart Network management System (NMS)

Smart NMS Features

Security Management

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • LDAP based authentication
  • Role (User Group) Based Access
  • Device Level Privileges

Configuration Management

  • Device Discovery / Inventory
  • Configuration Retrieval / Edit
  • Topology Discovery

Network Map

  • Unified Network View
  • Integrated Topology, Inventory & Fault.
  • Integrated Map & Positioning (Google Maps)

User Management

  • User Creation & management
  • User Privileges (Role / Access Group Assignment)
  • Password Change Support

Fault / Alarm Management

  • Trap / Notification Handling
  • Alarms
  • Alarm Acknowledgement
  • Syslog capture & Display

Performance Management

  • Parameters & Collection Interval Configuration
  • FTP File Collection Interval Configuration
  • Interactive Reports (Drill-down Features)
  • SNMP / JMX Monitoring


  • EMS /NMS development using Smart NMS Framework. Framework components required for solution can be extracted & enhanced to provide final solution.
  • EMS / NMS Specific Application Development & Maintenance. Addition & integration of new interfaces, devices as well as new GUI features can be taken up.
  • Components from Smart NMS framework can be deployed on other EMS solutions as feature extensions.
  • Development of ONF compliant management protocol (OF-CONFIG) on NETCONF interfaces on existing EMS/NMS systems.
  • SDN Controller Integration for Device & Topology Discovery & other EMS/NMS feature integrations.
  • SDN Applications & Front-End Development on Controllers of External Platform
  • Consulting, development & deployment of NMS solutions on the cloud.
  • Migration of customer NMS solution to cloud or leveraging Smart NMS framework to be deployed on cloud.
  • Staff augmentation with resources trained in EMS/NMS & FCAPS domain as well as various management interfaces, management protocols, and client-server & web technologies.
  • Consulting & development of Common Data Model for Unified Management of multi-technology & multi-vendor solutions.
  • Consulting & development of standards compliant North-bound Interface Layer for easy OSS integrations. E.g. TMF MTNM or MTOSI compliant NBI’s.
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