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Will the subscriber define the network?.

This white paper elucidates the ways of achieving a single true source of inventory for CSPs, through system consolidation programs, providing alternative strategies and risk-averse ways.

In a hyper-connected world, Wi-Fi will be an integral part of the cellular network and will play a critical role in the mobile architecture evolution. Read on to know what the future beholds!.

Learn more about the business imperatives of managing congestion in 4G Mobile Networks, what are the various available options and the way forward.

Telecom Service Providers are uniquely positioned to use Big Data as a strategic service not only for their internal usage but also as a service to other. Read on.

Everyone even remotely connected to the wireless ecosystem has a vision for LTE.

Network Slicing is the key to 5G monetization.

Dynamically Sliced, Differentially Priced!.

The SDN (Software Defined Networking) concept of Control plane being separated from the Data plane is a common one, but the impact of this concept may be different for different players in the Telecom industry.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) promises a flexible, agile and optimized network which supports innovation. This whitepaper is an attempt to convey the significance of SDN in the modern world of bandwidth explosion and Cloud Computing.

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