Data traffic is continuously on the rise (49% CAGR) and is leading to increased CapEx and OpEx for CSPs
Revenue growth (2% CAGR) does not commensurate with growth in data traffic
71% of operators worldwide are yet to deploy LTE in their network in data traffic

The ability to invent has far outstripped the ability to service – that’s the state of the network today. The digital disruption has brought with it an increasingly growing universe of mobile apps, virtual reality experiences, and connected things – all of which place new burdens on the network. Today, the same network must enable more than a transaction, it must help deliver an experience. more

The question is no longer one of scale or latency – it is that of dynamism and elasticity. As CSPs look to accelerate their journey on the digital curve towards a service-led business model, they must add new elasticity enablers. Software-defined networking and network function virtualization must be centerpieces around which they build cloud services, edge computing, and Internet of Things applications. All while automating the existing network to be more efficient, and taking new services to market before the competition does. To run better, change faster and grow better by making systems and ecosystems come together for connected experiences.


Lower your network TCO by implementing hyper-efficient network operations

Transform your networks with best-of-breed technologies

Create new revenue generating services by leveraging connected ecosystems

Run better

Our mantra at Tech Mahindra is simple – re-engineer the network, but don’t over-engineer it. Existing network technologies will be relevant for another decade. The questions then, are how do we lean out what already exists? And how do we build on it to make it more agile? After all, running better is laying the groundwork for transformation. To start with, we plan the transformation by identifying what to optimize.

The paths to optimization are many – like automation to manage breakdowns without complex redesign, analytics to predict peaks and troughs, or rapid network upgrades that can be delivered with minimal disruption. And once these paths are operational, the road to a seamless multi-generational, multi-technology digital network is easier to pave.

As the only non-OEM with a complete set of vendor-agnostic offerings, Tech Mahindra brings together the tools, skillsets and expertise needed for CSPs to run their networks better.

  • Deployment

  • Engineering &
    Consulting Services

  • Global Delivery

  • Advanced SI
    & Testing

  • Ecosystem

  • Centre of

Change Faster

Network transformation is complex, but it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Our endeavor is to carve up the transformation into smaller, manageable initiatives. Take for instance network function virtualization and software defined networking. Our approach is to address every aspect of change – across parameters like meeting desired functional and performance requirements, modeling complex integration scenarios, selecting various vendors available in the marketplace, and filling skill gaps within the organization.

Once we chart a blueprint on each track, we accelerate progress using pre-integrated solution kits that require minimal investment and are operationally tried-and-tested. But what comes next is as important – once you build, how do you maintain it and constantly improve it? That’s where our as-a-service model comes in – so the digital network that is built stays dynamic, agile and scalable to whatever the market demands.

Our end-to-end technology capabilities are complemented by our 4C approach that de-risks network transformation and helps CSPs change faster..

SDN/NFV - Tech Mahindra's 4Cs Approach

  • Conformance


  • Collaboration

  • Partnering with innovators and disruptors

  • Consistency

  • VNF Xchange

  • Customer Journey

  • Solutions & skill spanning transformation journey
    Consulting | Design | Realization | Operations

Grow Greater

Telecom companies will be at the heart of the digital future – whether it’s connected cars, smart cities, or intuitive healthcare. But to realize these new business models, the network must be integrated with the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and edge computing. Tech Mahindra has made key investments in these areas with solutions like CloudCPE – a customer premise equipment solution that transforms patient care, and MEC – a collaboration platform to seamlessly deliver IoT services.

We have put together a diverse partner ecosystem and are involved in the creation of key open source solutions as well as bleeding-edge technology catalysts to enable the digitization of the network.

Across the globe, Tech Mahindra is helping communication service providers create smarter, digitally-enabled networks that are redefining operational paradigms and enabling newer connected experiences.
Managing 13,000 elements across 4,000 sites for a Tier-1 European service provider
Transformed 40+ virtual network functions for a Tier-1 US operator
Delivering seamless operations over 5,000 radio access network sites spanning 5 countries for multiple LATAM operators
Accelerating the LTE journey for a Tier-1 US CSP

Tech Mahindra answered the call when one of the largest telcos in the US needed the tools and expertise to launch their LTE services faster. We implemented our home-grown EPC and eNB simulators to simplify infrastructure testing, and leveraged our LTE Center of Excellence to strengthen the client’s LTE Lab and their SDN/NFV strategies. more

To shrink the time-to-market, we put automation to work and reduced the effort needed to test the network by 60%. And when VoLTE call drops and QoS seemed like it would blunt the client’s competitive edge, we actioned insights and interventions through Pareto analysis – reducing network failures from 4% to 0.7% in just four months. With a more robust network in place, Tech Mahindra is now focused on helping the client build its connected network of the future with an NFVI platform that will deliver the agility to respond and the intelligence to delight.

Managing end-to-end network operations for Tier-1 European service provider

How do you successfully transition complex network management operations from five different countries to one central location? Tech Mahindra did it with the right strategy encompassing scale, skillsets, and solutions. We set up a global operations center with more than 100 experts taking charge of the client’s large 2G, 3G and LTE network – including across NOC services, field operations and turnkey network deployment. more

These experts integrated Tech Mahindra’s global toolset into the client’s base network management system, radically improving process efficiency and workforce management while reducing escalations. Armed with a more robust network, when the client looked to transform their network with LTE technologies, we helped expedite the rollout process – from site selection to network integration. Today, Tech Mahindra ensures reliability and performance across more than 13,000 network elements and 4,000 sites for the client – helping them run better and change faster to deliver connected experiences.

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