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In this digital era, end users demand access to their data, business applications, productivity applications and collaboration applications in a secured manner, streamed to them, on demand on user context, from anywhere anytime, on any device. Traditional client computing devices such as desktops and laptops have had cost and management challenges. The new world demands of device independence are forcing enterprises to evaluate alternate solutions.

We, at Tech Mahindra, offer Digital Workspace Service that leverages industry recognized WaaS NxT (Workspace as a Service) platform, which provides 100% agility and flexibility to your business, boosts the productivity of the organization by 50% and also ensures 100% secure and centralised data.

WaaS NxT is a next generation digital workspace platform that makes workspaces ubiquitous delivering context aware and persona driven end user computing. It provides flexibility to deliver enterprise apps, data and end user collaboration solutions in a secure manner for varied work styles seamlessly made available as-a-service. We have been managing over 100,000 users with WaaS NxT platform globally over last five years.

Our service offering includes:

  • Persona driven Workspaces
  • Context Aware Security
  • BYOD enablement
  • Self Service IT Store
  • Faster Application Deployment

WaaS NxT Solution Universe:

WaaS NxT Solution Universe


  • Reduction in Total cost of ownership by 40%
  • Reduction in service requests by 60%
  • Reduction in desk support cost by 40%
  • Reduction in power cost by 60%
  • Utilization of office space up to 125%
  • Digital transformation impact on 70% of organizations digital footprint
  • Time saving through analytics engine up to 50%, automation and Process simplification
  • Reduction in desktop & buffered IT capacity by 30%

Success Stories:

US Based Fortune 100 Healthcare Insurance Company

  • Reduced Opex: An estimated cost reduction of 40% over 5 years through reduced support fleet and increased end user productivity
  • Reduced Capex: Offloaded initial capex for hosting 5,000 new users using customer owned Infra over to Tech Mahindra. Added benefit of elasticity and agility to scale up
  • Go Green: WaaS thin client sessions consume 60% less power than PCs. With WaaS, customer achieved the status as a leading environment friendly organization
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